Tesla to Export Cars Produced in China to Asia and Europe

Tesla is preparing to manufacture its electric cars in China by using the Gigafactory Shanghai from the quarter of 2020 or early 2021. The world’s biggest electric car company was having a hard time shipping its cars to Asian and European countries, particularly to countries like Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, and other European countries. Tesla currently manufactures its cars at the Fremont factory in California, United States. And the global pandemic due to the COVID-19, is also the reason for delayed deliveries of cars.

Bloomberg News posted this news on Twitter this Friday. However, sources of the news agency remain anonymous for privacy reasons.

There’s no particular report stating which locations the Gigafactory Shanghai will cover. Moreover, Tesla and its CEO Elon Musk are silent about this report. But judging from the past instances, Elon Musk stated that there are delayed deliveries in Asian and European countries. It’s primarily because cars are manufactured in the US and the buyers have to wait for their delivery from California. Also, the global pandemic, COVID-19 adds to the delayed delivery of the electric cars too.

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China is Becoming The Manufacturing Hub for Tesla

China is the world’s biggest manufacturer accounting for 28 percent of the global manufacturing output in 2018, so mass-manufacturing electric cars in Gigafactory Shanghai, China is sensible. However, China has also declined to comment on this news. World’s biggest electric car manufacturer has also been manufacturing Tesla Model 3 in China and successfully made its way building quality tests. The company has not exported any car as of now; not until the end of this year or early 2021 as far as the reports say.

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Tesla’s cars, if manufactured in China will be exported in many Asian as well as European companies. Nevertheless, not only China but Tesla is planning to manufacture its electric cars in Gigafactory Berlin as well which will start producing cars by the middle of next year. Moreover, Gigafactory Texas is also likely to start manufacturing Tesla Cybertruck and the Semi as early as in May 2021.


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