Google Chrome: New Update Will Block Ads

Google Chrome has been getting a lot of negative reviews because the browsing experience is being jeopardized by the company because of the ads and the number of system resources that the browser uses. The search giant has released several updates in the past to improvise ads experience but all those updates didn’t cause much of a difference but this new update is here to make a difference.

Google Chrome New Update
Google Chrome New Update | Image Courtesy: Techradar

However, Google has heard the users and is about to roll out a fresh update for its renowned browser, Google Chrome, which will adhere to the browsing experience, spare battery life, and decrease RAM usage.

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Google has been working on this update since July 2019 when they’ve driven sufficient efforts to show friendly, easy to load and non-ambiguous and non-abusive ads, and at last, this update is taking place.

The gloomy ads in Chrome are around for a while now and they make use of network bandwidth and system resources because of which browsing experience affected and the webpages take a longer time than usual to load and this ends up consuming more data network, battery, and CPU usage.

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Moreover, this performance update of Chrome is platform-independent, so no matter which operating system you’re using you will receive the benefit of this update of Chrome.

What kind of ads will be blocked in Google Chrome?

Google Chrome
Google Chrome | Image Courtesy: Techradar

Chrome is going to eliminate the ads that use compressed, over-sized images/video, mining of cryptocurrencies, and perform CPU-intensive tasks. Apart from that Google has come up with three criteria to determine which ads will be blocked. It blocks the ads that

  1. Use the main CPU thread for more than a minute.
  2. Use the main CPU thread for over 15 seconds in any half a minute video.
  3. Use more than 4MB of network bandwidth.

This ad-blocking feature will be enabled in Google Chrome by default after the update. But this doesn’t mean Google will block all ads.

Nevertheless, there are still going to be ads in your surfing experience, but we can say they’ll be less interfering and won’t make use of as many device resources.


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