90 Funny Watermelon Puns and Jokes to Slice Up Your Day

Who knew that watermelons could be the life of the party? When you blend watermelon puns and watermelon jokes, you get a concoction that’s juicier than the fruit itself! Get ready to laugh, giggle, and maybe even spit out a few seeds of laughter.

Watermelon Puns

Watermelon Puns

Ready to get a slice of juicy humor? These watermelon puns might just have you spitting seeds with laughter!

  1. I told her I loved her to the rind and beyond.
  2. That watermelon is one in a melon, and so are you.
  3. When watermelons have a feud, things can get quite seedy.
  4. Water you thinking? This pun is melon-choly.
  5. You make my heart melon out.
  6. I’ve got some juicy gossip that’s vine-ripened for you.
  7. Every summer, watermelons are berry popular.
  8. He tried to melon-bawl his way out of that situation.
  9. How do you hydrate a flirty watermelon? With a splash of water-mel-on the rocks!
  10. Watermelon puns? Oh, honeydew not get me started.
  11. I’ve got juicy secrets, but I promise they’re all sweet.
  12. Why’d the watermelon join the talent show? He was bursting with talent!
  13. Got a crush on you that’s berry deep.
  14. These puns are vine with me, how about you?
  15. Can’t elope with you, but watermelon instead?
  16. Seed you later, I’m feeling vine now.
  17. If you were a fruit, you’d be a water-fine-melon.
  18. Why did the watermelon join the baseball team? It heard the players were good at getting to third base!
  19. Juicy the way you make me feel? It’s unbeatable!
  20. Want a slice of the action? Join the watermelon party!

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Watermelon Jokes

It’s time for a melon explosion of playful humor. Ready to get juicy?

  1. Why did the watermelon join the army? It wanted to go into the seedless program.
  2. How do watermelons communicate? Through vine chat!
  3. Why don’t watermelons need marriage counseling? They cantaloupe!
  4. What’s a watermelon’s favorite bra? A melon-holder.
  5. How do you make a watermelon mojito? With a good squash!
  6. Why was the watermelon so good at tennis? It had a hard rind.
  7. Why did the watermelon and the honeydew never get married? They cantaloupe.
  8. What did one melon say to the other on Valentine’s Day? “We’re a perfect match, but we cantaloupe.”
  9. Why did the watermelon go to school? To become a bit rind-er.
  10. What did the naughty watermelon say? “I’m feeling vine, want to squeeze me?”
  11. What’s a watermelon’s favorite song? “Slice, Slice Baby.”
  12. Why don’t watermelons make good secret agents? They’re too juicy.
  13. How do you compliment a watermelon’s figure? Tell it it’s melon-cholic.
  14. Why did the watermelon wear a flashy suit? It wanted to look fruitilicious.
  15. How do watermelons gossip? Melon to melon.
  16. What do watermelons wear on their feet? Summer squash shoes.
  17. What’s a watermelon’s philosophy of life? “Take a big bite out of life!”
  18. What do you get when a watermelon tries to be cool? Ice-cold melonade.
  19. How do watermelons greet each other? “Mellow there!”
  20. Why did the watermelon keep its feelings a secret? It didn’t want to get too mushy.

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Watermelon Puns One-liners

These one-liners will make you the zest at any party!

  1. Can’t make up my rind about that joke.
  2. Melon-dramatic moments are berry entertaining.
  3. Feeling vine; might delete later.
  4. Rind over matter, always.
  5. Juicy gossip? Seed it to believe it.
  6. Berry much in love with these puns.
  7. Can’t squash this melon vibe.
  8. Life’s a beach, and then you melon.
  9. Rind out loud at these puns.
  10. Seedless to say, that’s hilarious!
  11. Watermelon humor? That’s melon-flavored comedy gold!
  12. Keep calm and carry a melon.
  13. “Drop it like it’s hot,” said the watermelon.
  14. You make my heart skip a beet, but watermelon does too.
  15. Feeling juicy; what’s the latest melon drama?
  16. Got melon problems? Squash them.
  17. Melon-tastic vibes only, please.
  18. Life’s not always berries and cream, sometimes it’s watermelon.
  19. Just another slice of melon paradise.
  20. In a world full of apples, be a watermelon.

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Watermelon Pickup Lines

Ready to add a splash of juicy romance to your love life? Dive into these watermelon-flavored pickup lines!

  1. Are you a watermelon? Because every time I see you, I smile and think of summertime flings.
  2. If you were a watermelon, I bet you’d be seedless, because there’s nothing bad about you.
  3. I’m not saying you remind me of a watermelon, but I’d surely like a slice of you.
  4. I’ve heard it said that summer love is fleeting, but I believe a watermelon romance can be so much more refreshing.
  5. You and me? We fit together better than a watermelon slice in a fruit salad.
  6. Want to make a watermelon mojito? You bring the melon, I’ll bring the heat.
  7. I didn’t believe in love at first sight, but that was before I saw you and this watermelon in the same room.
  8. If kisses were watermelons, I’d send you a whole farm.
  9. Our love story is like a watermelon—sweet, juicy, and impossible to put down.
  10. Is it hot out here, or did you just drop a watermelon? Because I’m suddenly thirsty for a conversation.

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Watermelon Captions for Instagram

Spice up your Insta-feed with these melon-inspired captions.

  1. Sliced, diced, and oh-so-nice. 🍉 #MelonMania #JuicyVibes
  2. Watermelon sugar, hi! 🍉 #SweetSummers
  3. Making memories one slice at a time. #MelonMoments
  4. Rind over matter, every time. #WatermelonWisdom
  5. Seedless and stress-free. #MelonMood
  6. Sunshine, tan lines, and watermelon signs. #SummerVibes
  7. Slice of heaven in my hands. 🍉 #MelonMagic
  8. You had me at watermelon. #JuicyFeels
  9. Juicy gossip and melon slices. The perfect combo. #MelonMingle
  10. Melon-dramatic moments under the sun! 🍉 #RindAndShine
  11. Sweet summer vibes with every bite. 🍉 #MelonMuse
  12. Finding my inner peace, one watermelon slice at a time. #MelonMeditation
  13. Too juicy to handle. 🍉 #MelonMood
  14. Life is better with a bit of watermelon. #MelonMantra
  15. Slice, slice, baby! 🍉 #MelonMoves
  16. Pink on the inside, green on the outside, and sweet all over. #WatermelonWonders
  17. In the mood for a juicy treat. #MelonMotivation
  18. Melon memories that last a lifetime. #SummerSlice
  19. Making a splash with my watermelon stash. 🍉 #MelonMagic
  20. If life gives you melons, make a picnic! #WatermelonWonders

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Final Thoughts

What a ride! From the first chuckle to the last grin, these watermelon gems truly hit the comedic sweet spot. If ever you find yourself in a sticky situation, just slice up a water melon pun from this list to lighten the mood. Until next time, stay melon-choly and keep laughing! 🍉

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