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Putlocker is Down | 5 Best Alternatives to Watch Free Movies

Putlocker was one of the best free movie streaming websites out there. Unlike Netflix, where you needed a subscription, Putlocker was completely free. But,...
Best Dreamcast Emulators

7 Best Dreamcast Emulators For Android, Windows and MacOS

In November 1998, Sega released its 6th generation gaming console named Dreamcast in Japan. It was available in other countries a year later i.e,...
Pixel 3

Google Will Patch Memory Management Problem On Pixel 3

Google to Solve Memory Management Issue with Pixel 3 Google Pixel 3 is one of the best phones we have on Android, Google has a...
best ps2 games

15 Best PS2 Games You Should Play

Best PS2 Games You Should Play Although we have PS4 today to play graphics intense games, But PlayStation 2 holds the record of highest selling...
Whatsapp Status

WhatsApp Status To Be as Banner For Ads

As of 2019, you will see ads in your WhatsApp status After years of staying true to the principle of not including advertising in their...
best n64 emulators

9 Best N64 Emulators for Windows, Android and MacOS

Best N64 Emulators For PC and Android The old gaming consoles cast on the most vivid childhood memories of many matured but remaining young-hearted lovers...

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