How to Stream on Twitch from iOS or Android

What do you mean by Twitch?

Social video platform services like YouTube gaming, and Twitch provide gamers a chance to show their recreational hobby into an interactive recreation expertise that others will get pleasure from. Streaming services are regarding quite simply technology – they’re regarding cultivating and empowering a community of fans and gamers. Live streaming may be a well-liked manner for enthusiasts to stream game-play through a social network that connects friends and fans over a shared love of games. It’s simply a spectator expertise. Users will use audio and chat to alter streamers and their audiences to act in real time. For those who love gameplay videos, Twitch is ideal for them. It is currently the leading service in online streaming services owned by Amazon who firmly acknowledges that it has more than 292 billion minutes of content watched by more than 2.2 million of unique monthly subscribers. Whereas people use stream their gameplays with the help of laptop and consoles, it is really interesting to know that Twitch streaming can be done through smartphones too? oh, which too without charge. Intrigued? Read on and know for yourself, how you can stream on Twitch from android or iOS devices.

What is mobile Twitch streaming?

When a live game play of a game from an android, iOS, Windows smartphone or a tablet is broadcasted to Twitch streaming service, it is known as mobile twitch streaming. It is attainable to stream solely the gameplay footage during some broadcast however most prosperous streamers additionally incorporate digital camera footage of themselves and an appealing visual layout to have interaction with their viewers and to encourage them to follow or subscribe their Twitch channel.

How to Broadcast Apps to Stream on Twitch from Smartphone: –

The broadcasting software system tends to be the most important part in order to twitch in. Although there are several broadcasting applications that help you stream on Twitch from android smartphone, StreamLabs is simple and easy to use. Hence, we will be using this application. Moreover, it’s on the market without charge further, on each android additionally as iOS.

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Step-by-step guide to stream on Twitch from Android / iOS

  1. Download StreamLabs app on your android [install] or iOS device [install].

download twitch streaming app

2. Log on to your Twitch account on StreamLab.

log on


3. Now, within the main screen window, click on the “Stream” icon.

stream icon


4. You will see a prompt to capture your screen. Just click on “Start”.

start now


5. Now “Edit stream info” from the 3-dot menu.

edit stream info


6. Add a stream name and click “Ok”.

twitch status


7. Look for the “Live” icon on the bottom-right side of the screen and tap on it. 

live now


8. And Bang! Your screen will be live.

connected to chat

Other Broadcasting Apps That You Can Use

There are some more apps that can be used as an alternative to StreamLab, one of the most common ones being the Bitstream on Android. It is immensely popular because of its minimalistic interface. The iOS counterpart of StreamLab is Live: Air Solo on iOS, which is a popular streaming app on iOS. Though, the app supports a host of live streaming websites, Twitch is among the most popular and most distinguished among all of them.

Twitch SDK

Twitch is already massive on mobile, with over ten million installs on android and iOS — however it’s getting ready to get even larger. because of the new SDK, gamers are going to be ready to live-stream gameplay footage directly from their mobile devices, permitting fans to look at them play hand-held titles for the primary time.

“Our vision is to produce the Twitch community with the power not solely to look at, however to broadcast live game content where they’re, whether or not they’re on the go or within the lounge,” said Matthew Di-Pietro, VP of promoting at Twitch.

“Having achieved that with our laptop and console integrations, we understood the trifecta can presently be complete with our conjunctive obtrude upon Twitch mobile broadcasting.”

Twitch integration on mobile are going to be pretty much identical as that on consoles just like the PlayStation for gamers can have the power to capture and broadcast gameplay video and audio aboard video from a front-facing camera, which may then be archived for viewing on Twitch. it’ll additionally embody “robust chat options” that may enable gamers and their viewers to move.

It’s currently up to third-party developers to integrate Twitch into their android and iOS games. Given the recognition of the service, we have a tendency to shouldn’t ought to wait too long for that to happen.

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Start to Stream on Twitch from android or iOS

Using the aforesaid guide, you ought to simply be ready to stream your games to Twitch from your android or iOS smartphone. whereas we tend to in person suggest using Stream-labs, the other various software system or apps ought to additionally do the work for you. simply ensure to use settings that your mobile will truly handle, as in, don’t expect a mid-range device to stream at full HD capabilities. apart from that, using the on top of technique ought to aid you to stream on Twitch from android, all your favorite mobile gameplay now.

Summing Up

There are many more ways by which you can broadcast the same through Twitch. One of them is by using Reflector and OBS. It is a rather lengthy process and is surely neglected after the SDK version came into action. Twitch has turned out to be more useful and portable after people found out the ways for streaming it onto smartphones. This has attracted more users and Twitchers have claimed to have got more subscribers.


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