20 Cool Websites to Get Rid of Boredom in Life

Quite often, every person on the planet reaches a point where he/she is not occupied with any work. This might be due to lack of excitement in workplace or say monotonous work. And this condition eventually leads to the boredom of a person. But why in this amazing tech world anyone should stay in that zone of boredom? In this world of technological transformations, the web offers numerous relaxation centers to keep the charm up even in the slowest paced work spaces. So, don’t wait any longer and have a quick look on the following listicle of 20 cool websites to get rid of boredom in life. These are the most interesting and unusual websites found on the internet.

1. Wikipedia- Unusual Articles

There might be a rare person who hasn’t heard of the most popular online Encyclopedia – Wikipedia. But, have you ever gone to this link of unusual articles of wiki? It offers multiple articles on odd, crazy and unusual topics which could be rarely found anywhere else over the internet.

wikipedia: unsual articles

2. Airpano

In order to provide peace to the hidden traveler inside your soul, here is an amazing option in our list of cool websites. Airpano hosts very beautiful panoramic views of all the locations around the globe. Additionally, these detailed views come in high resolution.


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3. The Moth

If you are fascinated by storytelling and experiences of people worldwide, do visit The Moth. It is a platform where people share their real life experiences by themselves, regarding anything and everything. Also, they are available in the podcast form. There are many inspiring stories, find one for yourself.

The Moth


This cool website is a web comic of math, romance, sarcasm and language. There are undefined numbers of sketches representing fun situations which will bring laughter on your face. If you are math lover, you’ll find math in every situation. The site updates on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


5. TED

Ted is very good and powerful organization in terms of ideas, innovations and knowledge. Even though it is a non-profit organization, TED hosts conferences and seminars all over the world to educate people and simultaneously providing platform for the speakers. You can find out speeches on any topic here.


6. Oddee

Are you in love with weird and crazy stuff? Oddee will become your next love. This site contains largest stock of quirky, crazy, bizarre and strange things in the form of blogs. You can see weirdness in almost every category that you can think of.


7. This Is My Website Now

It’s a seriously time killer. It is only an accumulation of small, quick games which you can play on your program. It is pretty useful if it is used for a limited time period. It generates kind of a short break for you, giving you pleasure.

this is my website now

8. Big Think

At this platform, the best individuals around the globe share their thoughts and bits of knowledge which enables you to know the various aspects of life. Here, you won’t get life-hacks however you will get genuine data. You will gain from the errors of the others and their triumphs as well. A decent place to get the substance from individuals who recognize what they are discussing. It will prove out to be a productive place.

big think

9. 100,000 Stars

This is a standout among the most delightful things I have ever observed on the web. It demonstrates a portrayal of world with stars inside it. You can take a visit which begins from the Sun and takes you to the external edges of the universe while showing you important bits of knowledge in the middle. So, I guess it can prove out to be worth a tour for all. Experiencing such distant elements.

100,000 stars

10. Akinator

Firstly, I want you to experience it by yourself because you will not agree with me if I start praising it. Think of any character in this whole world, then after the series of question it will be deduced. It’s so exciting and amazing. That’s why I want you to experience it, because I know you will love it after that.


11. Pixel Thoughts

It is a pretty relaxing and simple platform. It’s a simple meditation tool for sixty seconds. There’s an air pocket which drifts through exhaust space. You simply put in your alarming idea there and tail it for sixty-seconds. It can ease your nerves and provide you relaxation.

pixel thoughts

12. Forgotify

Forgotify can be used as a talent hunting platform. It encourages you find artists who are not that famous but rather create incredible music. If you are in search of something new regarding music, then it’s a perfect place.  An extraordinary place to find new music and specialists.


13. The Onion

Considered as the pioneer of ironical news scope, considering the stuff and content, The Onion still serves in a best way in this regard. The Onion motivated an age of journalists to convey even the hardest of news in the most interesting way imaginable. It’s better if you visit and figure out the way they started and kept on doing.

the onion

14. Don’t Even Reply

It depicts a perfect time management in terms of replying instantly to every classified ad posted on Craiglist. Considering the time management ability, the owner of this website seems right up to the mark. You will love to see the response rate as well as the fun of this cool website.

don't even reply

15. The Odd 1s Out

Such a humorous comic strip website. You will surely love to enjoy the comic stuff that comprises of everyday life questions and just about the fun you often look for. Apart from this platform they also have a corresponding YouTube channel.  Visit it once and you will surely go onto follow it on regular basis.

The Odd 1s Out

16. A Soft Murmur

It’s a paradise for those who love the sounds of rain, wind, waves etc. It turns out to be a relaxation tool for the people in most of the situation. It enables the person to ease his/her nerves and focus on the work. Availability of apps in IOS and Android increases its convenience.

a soft murmur

17. Cool Interesting stuff

As the name suggests the site is the bank of intriguing stuffs which are generally puzzles. You ought not to take the substance all over esteem, but rather you can utilize it as a cool time executioner and can have few interesting and amazing moment.

cool interesting stuff

18. Smithsonian

Looking to learn something without feeling that you are under some kind of decorum? You must go with this option. It enables you to learn about history or technology without feeling any kind of pressure. It consists of high standard articles from where you can learn a lot.


19. Unplug the TV

This site comprises of a solitary video window which you can snap to play. The video dependably contains instructive substance and gives you a chance to find out about things one video at any given moment. You can’t choose what you want to see however you can skip if it doesn’t entertain you one way or the other.

unplug the tv

20. This American Life

It comprises of the stories continually bring out feelings inside you. You find out about the present circumstance and the past while tuning in to genuine stories of individuals influenced by them. If you have never tuned in to it, you should try it out as you may know it’s one of the longest running podcast.

this american life

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