Mesh Routers To Work Together Using New Router Standard

New Router Standard For Mesh Routers

We are using Mesh router for several years now, for those who are not aware, the mesh routers combine two or more regular routers to cover the dead spot of place where Wi-Fi is inaccessible. Further, mesh router has become popular over the years in residential wireless-internet users, but they have an only major limitation that you have to buy all your routers of the same brand, but this is about to change in upcoming months with new router standard.

new router standard

According to reports, The Wi-Fi Alliance, which oversees the use of Wi-Fi standards, will be introducing new router standard called EasyMesh to allow routers of different brands to make mesh together, so you don’t need to buy every unit over again granted that all router support EasyMesh. Additionally, this will increase consumer-friendliness as users will be able to buy any router you want rather getting locked into the expensive system.

Enforcing Of New Standard

The Alliance didn’t immediately identify routers or manufacturers that would support the standard. Mesh router companies won’t require adopting new router standard, but we hope router companies will adopt this standard willingly in upcoming years. In a press release announcing EasyMesh, the Wi-Fi Alliance also told that none of the router companies has announced their support. The Wi-Fi Alliance believes that EasyMesh will make routers easier pick for consumers, which will benefit everyone.

Accordingly, EasyMesh isn’t going to standardize everything about mesh router, it will only focus on allowing routers to communicate regardless of how many bands they support while broadcasting signal, prioritizing transmission and other functionalities are still be going to be up to the manufacturer. Further, The Wi-Fi Alliance focused that EasyMesh will increase innovation in router technology to enhance the user experience, An Alliance spokesperson highlighted cable providers to join EasyMesh which have a huge business opportunity because they frequently provide routers to consumers.


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