16 Best Sites Like Reddit Every Redditor Should Know

Reddit is a very useful forum to get all kinds of information. To better care about your interest, Reddit has none. On this platform, you can find many sub-reddits and join them to become their community. Choose your niche, this forum has always been good for gathering mass knowledge. As a result, this portal has become the most common name for most online users. But do you know there are plenty of sites like reddit available.

If you use the Reddit portal you must be knowing that as a user, we can share thoughts in the form of text, image and video. It has the ability to submit URLs of news, inventions or more related to a subreddit. So it can be the easiest way to share your points of view with the same interests of community members. Even though you can effectively tailor your audience to make sure you target your ads at the most interested users, it is very likely that your articles or content may get lost in the extensive feed. So, if you are facing the similar problem there are many alternate sites like Reddit you should prefer to share and gather content of your interest.

So check out the list, Discover the ones you like and start sharing your ideas and collecting information to join this great community.

Sites Like Reddit

1. QuoraQuora

Quora is a nice way to ask questions, get answers and, in turn, provide answers. Quora’s goal is to use the Internet community to build large pages of answers about each topic so that when you need information, it is the first place in the one you look for. While Quora is still a novelty and there is still a long time to go before it can reach its goal, it has the ability to improve over time as more people use it. Quora is being frequented by some very intelligent people with elaborate answers, and it is encouraging to see how it evolves every day.

2. 8Chan8chan


8Chan is an excellent portal to start a discussion with the people of the same niche and interest. This is an image forum where you can create your own forum or join an existing forum at your leisure. It minimal customization facilitates its understanding as a new user. There are many mods in his nerve center that include politics, news, hobbies, fun, technology and a lot more to get you into the community. Unlike Reddit, you can share or submit links, post photos, and videos, etc. The experiences on this forum are rather interesting and intuitive. The bottom line is that it does not look bad as Reddit and that’s why it’s a great alternative to Reddit.

3. Yahoo! AnswersYahoo! Answer


No matter what your question is, Yahoo! Answer is a great source of information. When you ask a question there you are subject to reading all kinds of digressing answers, but you usually get one or two good answers, even great ones. This is due to the popularity of Yahoo! Answers Even if you do not always get the answer you are looking for, you could guarantee that you will always get some because of a large number of people who use this service.

4. Ask MetafilterAsk Metafilter


By itself, Ask Metafilter is nothing special. You ask a question, people respond, and you only see an extensive page full of text. What is great then? The content. Metafilter has managed to create a community that only has good information. Even if you are not looking for a particular answer, some of the questions asked are so interesting, that you could stay reading for hours and even try to answer a few.

5. StackOverflowstackoverflow


StackOverflow has a community of 4.7 million programmers looking to perfect their skills. In StackOverflow, one can ask questions quickly (after registering), or answer questions posed by others (even as a guest).

It houses questions about numerous programming languages, platforms and services. Your voting system helps you get quick answers after you register a query, and your strict moderation ensures that all people who search for that question online, find the answer quickly.

6. Slantslant


If you are looking for a place to ask and answer your questions about electronics, computers, Android, video games, productivity or design, Slant is your site, a question and answer space specialized in these topics.

Additionally, it has its own search engine but also shows the topics and subtopics available, as well as a list of the most active users to help other users, that is, to answer their questions. Slant also allows to indicate if an answer has seemed useful to you and to replicate.

7. Answers.comanswers


With the suggestive name of Answers, Answers.com aims to accommodate your questions and the responses of other users.

On the cover you will see the topics with more contributions or answers, as well as a list of the most relevant topics and a search box where you can find questions answered using keywords. As a registered user, you can follow topics that interest you, as well as trademarks and other users by way of Facebook’s knowledge.

8. 4Chan4chan


4Chan is a big competitor of Reddit and that’s why he manages to be on the list of alternatives to Reddit. You can participate on this portal without registration. Share images and comments, you can also participate in different discussions. There are many mods and categories to create discussions such as movies, technology, music, mobiles, games and more. The 4Chan interface is pretty good with the modern interface. You can also communicate personally with other 4Chan users via a personal message and an email. Give it a shot, if you plan to get an option to Reddit. Unfortunately, there is no downloadable application available for this forum. But by using the official URL, you can easily connect to this forum.

9. Diggdigg


This forum is not very similar to the Reddit forum, but because of its functionality, Digg is one of Reddit’s best alternatives. Unlike all the mentioned forums, you can share content such as images, text, videos, GIF files, and so on. You can explore many forums on this forum, where you can share for the specific topic. If you own a website and want to share a blog, Digg is also a good choice. You will find here many users from all over the world. The good thing is that you can download its app for your iOS and Android device for free. To join this forum, create an account now and start your discussion with other Digg users.

10. Slashdotslashdot


Slashdot is a platform of choice for technology enthusiasts. This is a great alternative to the Reddit forum. Many technical problems can be found on this forum and yes, the solution was also a discussion. You can share any technical problem with this forum and other users will find a useful answer. Unlike this, you can also share your point of view about any problem if you know it. Groups of tips are here to discuss according to your concern. For your concern to be clear, you can use images or videos in your publication and comments. You can also add a URL here for any technical tutorial and other contacts also make it very useful.

11. Steemit



Steemit is another big portal like Reddit, but this one has a blockchain technology. The site is new in this area and has all the capabilities like Reddit. This forum also has a better interface than the Reddit forum. If you’re bored with the dated look of Reddit, then you should give it a shot. You can find a lot of niches on this forum like tech, mobile, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Video, funny, etc. By subscribing to a category, you can react and share views with the same existing people. You can try Steemit as one of the best alternatives to Reddit. In fact, this may be preferable in most cases if you are looking for a good portal. Unlike Reddit, Steemit is also an excellent portal to share your thoughts or articles, making it easier to access the maximum traffic.

12. VoatVoat


Personally, I really like Voat as an alternative to Reddit. In fact, it works better on many points than the Reddit platform. Unlike Reddit, you can share the link here to present the news, blog URL or others. All popular niches are really active here to start a discussion. You can subscribe to different types of community, such as news, video, technology, science or technology, music, games, aww, books, clips, and more. The presentation of the website is also quite similar to that of Reddit. Start your discussion here or gather more knowledge by subscribing to interested niches. Unfortunately, there is no Voat application for smartphone users; you must surf the web in your browser.

13. HubskiHubski


Unlike Reddit, Hubski is an online discussion forum where you can share your views and those of others. The motto of this forum itself is a thoughtful canvas. So, it is always practical to find different topics or to gather points of view with people. The interface is far superior to the Reddit Web forum. It comes with minimal moderation. All types of genres and modes can be associated with this forum and share points of view with them. Therefore, if you are looking for a similar website like Reddit, you should create an account here. Joining this forum is totally free and all aim to share authentic thoughts. However, Hubski has no app version for Android and iOS users, but you can browse its website on the browser.

14. Hacker News

Hacker News


Hacker News is another site like Reddit, but this portal means offering solutions and discussions about your problems. There are many active communities to reach your problems and you can easily address the issue for your concern. There are many categories similar to subreddits to join and be part of the community. You can subscribe to many available niches such as Jobs, Science, Techs, Mobile, Know-How, Operating Systems, Games and more. All technical things can be submitted here with a link, pictures, videos, text, etc. The interface is also very nice to watch. Therefore, in search of alternatives Reddit, you should try Hacker News. Download this app for your smartphone as it comes for both Android and iOS device users; you can download it for free.

15. Stacksitystacksity


Stacksity forum has one of the best aspects with a modern interface. Surely, that beats Reddit, in terms of look. It’s not just about watching, but it has all the features you usually get on Reddit. This forum is like a minimal version of Reddit, which comes with all the features but is user-friendly. The portal is very interactive with active users. This is primarily an image-centric portal with functionality similar to Reddit. So, if you are looking for a photo sharing portal with capacity like Reddit, you should also check this Stacksity. Stacksisty is also available in app version and you can download the application from the respective application stores of Android and iOS.

16. Mixmix


Earlier Known as StumbleUpon, Mix is one of the most common names among Internet users and without a doubt, this is one of the best alternatives to the Reddit site. With this forum, you can discover new tricks and trends from around the world. The portal is very popular, offering categories and articles to read. Here you can submit your own articles or content and other users are also exposed to their contents. This portal gives you an excellent opportunity to pin all the content. StumbleUpon has the version of the application to download on your Smartphone. The application can be downloaded on Android and iOS devices. To stay connected to the StumbleUpon community, download now and gather all the information about your concerns.

Reddit is undoubtedly the largest platform for sharing content and ideas for most online users. But some people do not like the Reddit feature, its user policy and its appearance. If you are one of those who does not like Reddit, you must subscribe for alternative sites like reddit.

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