Who Are The Best Players In Clash of Clans Right Now?

With a vast player base in Clash of Clans, who truly reigns supreme? This article delves into the world of COC esports, highlighting some of the most renowned Clash of Clans players, including the veterans Itzu and Klaus, Jorge Yao, and venturing beyond them to explore other top contenders.

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Clash of Clans Game Character


Itzu, a content creator for Tribe Gaming, is a veteran COC player with a loyal following. He does not actively participate in Clash of Clans competitions. But his impact on the community can not be ignored. He’s recognized for producing strategy videos examining preview releases from COC game developers and sharing advice with, up-and-coming gamers. His consistent presence in the top 1000 COC rankings showcases his own strategic prowess, even as he focuses on content creation.


Klaus, on the other hand, represents the cutting edge of competitive COC. Playing for Clash of Clans Natus Vincere, he’s lauded for his innovative strategies and unpredictable tactics. Unlike Itzu’s focus on established strategies, Klaus pushes Clash of Clans boundaries, constantly experimenting with new COC troop combinations and attack styles. This creativity makes him a formidable opponent, keeping defenders guessing and constantly adapting their own plans.

Jorge Yao

Jorge Yao wraps up the list earning a deserved nod. He hit 4,000 trophies in the game in 2013. This made him the first player to do it. His commitment was remarkable—he even went as far as purchasing devices and hiring individuals to play around the clock so he could take breaks. Holding onto the number one position on the leaderboard for a period further solidified his Clash of Clans gaming legacy.

Beyond the three

It’s important to recognize that Itzu and Klaus are just two shining examples. The COC esports scene thrives on a dedicated Clash of Clans community of highly skilled players. Here are some additional factors to consider when discussing “best” players:

  • Tournament Performance: Players who consistently perform well in major tournaments like the Clash of Clans World Championship undoubtedly deserve recognition.
  • Meta Adaptation: The ability to adapt strategies to the ever-evolving COC meta is crucial. Players who can excel in various meta-shifts showcase their tactical flexibility.
  • Community Impact: Content creators like Itzu who inspire and educate new players play a vital role in the COC ecosystem. Their contribution to the community’s growth can’t be ignored.

While Itzu, Klaus, and Jorge, are undoubtedly talented, the “best” COC player ultimately depends on your definition. Competitive Clash of Clans dominance, strategic innovation, or community influence – all these aspects contribute to a player’s legacy. The most important takeaway? Continue to improve your abilities try tactics and discover what suits you best. Ultimately the real satisfaction of Clash of Clans comes from outwitting your adversaries and achieving triumph in combat. So, collect some Clash of Clans gems, gather your troops, sharpen your tactics, and join the ranks of Clashing champions!


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