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The internet is a hub of knowledge. If one has any doubt, he can simply check it on the internet. It is really very helpful for the students. They can study from the internet. But one thing bad about the internet is, people can add anything they want without someone’s verification. There is no one who can verify the information which people upload. As long as the information is right, there is no problem. But some people misuse the feature of the internet and upload fake information. So, how can one check if any news on the internet is true or not?  The answer to this question is You can visit from the link here. Here in Snopes, you will come to know what is true and what is fake about the news. homescreen

One of the most viral fake news was: UNESCO declares Indian national anthem as world’s best national anthem. This was very viral news. But there was no proof for such news.

UNESCO Indian national anthem truth Snopes

If you search on the for the same, you will come to know the reality of this news. This news was first shared in 2008 through email. After that again in March 2016, people took Facebook to share same news. According to India today, this message was linked to the Yahoo groups site, ‘MumbaiHangOut’.

When India Today asked UNESCO for clarification of this declaration, UNESCO answered, there is no such a declaration.

Another example of such a viral fake news was: NASA confirms that they were in contact with aliens, but they did not officially announce this information assuming that everyone already knew about it.

NASA declares alien Snopes

If you search for this news on Snopes, you will get a complete history of this news. This news for published by the website on 19th September 2016. According to this site, Trish Chamberson, an official spokesperson of NASA has confirmed the existence of alien and has claimed that aliens have been visiting Earth for thousands of years. And NASA scientists just assumed that everyone already knows about it, that’s why they did not announce it officially.

Other features of Snopes:

  • Daily News: Read daily real news. All the latest urban legends, rumors, myths, and misinformation gathered together at one place.
  • Video: watch daily interesting facts and video news.
  • Archive: News are classified according to various topics such as Automobiles, Business, college, etc.

So, if you got any news and you have any kind of doubt about it simply check it on

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