12 Cool New Android P Features

At the same time a year before when Oreo went public, the developers are looking to release innovating Android P features. These new specifications have a major capability to gather the focus of customers being a source of attraction for them. With the growing IT and telecom industry, the rapid and new introduction of such features creates a sudden technical wave in the market. While individuals speculate the name of Android version 9.0, here are top 12 Android P features listed below.

Let’s have a look at what Android P has to offer in its amaze bundle…

1. Indoor navigation with Wi-Fi RTT:

Android P, now bolsters IEEE 802.11mc WiFi convention which is otherwise called Wi-Fi Round-Trip-Time (RTT). It’s a standout amongst other highlights that Android fans are sitting tight for. The newly component empowers indoor GPS style following by deciding your area inside a building and encouraging turn-by-swing bearings to enable you to explore inside. It implies you would now be able to discover your way crosswise over short separations inside shopping centers and extensive structures.

2. Supporting HEIF image:

The High Efficiency Image File Format (HEIF) is another picture arrange created by MPEG gathering. Its propelled pressure technique holds higher picture quality than JPEG pictures and makes littler record measure.

HIEF image

3. Security enhancement:

With the expansion of security concerns, it’s an alleviation to realize that Android has patched up its protection factor. Once you permit an application to get to camera and mic, it can utilize them at whatever point they need. However, there is a sigh of relief in terms of security with Android P. It will square applications running out of sight from getting to camera and receivers.

On the off chance that an application tries to utilize your camera without you knowing, it will be closed down and get framework mistakes while applications that endeavor to record sound will catch clear solid until the point that you open the application.

4. Notifying call recording through alert tone:

Call recording highlight is very old, what’s new is its capacity to advise all gatherings at point of recording a discussion. Once the call recording begins, the framework will play a tone at an interim of 15 seconds to alarm the other party.

5. Lockdown mode:

The most recent expansion to the power menu is the “Enter Lockdown” catch. It’s one of the best highlights of Android P that further lifts the security of your telephone. Once empowered, it debilitates unique mark opening alternative which can be very helpful on the off chance that any attacker drives you or deceive you into opening your telephone.

lockdown feature

6. Default HTTPs for apps:

As we know web perusing known as internet browsing deals with two conventions: HTTP and HTTPS, with a noteworthy distinction viz. the encryption highlight of the last mentioned. Be that as it may, all applications don’t utilize the safe convention for correspondence which can open you to potential risks. Presently all applications worked for Android P will impart information by means of HTTPS naturally. This will guarantee the wellbeing of your information while sending or accepting information from the application’s servers.

7. Battery percentage ambient display:

The ambient display was initially intended to demonstrate the present time and warnings on the telephone without going to the home screen. A much-asked-for highlight to indicate battery charge rate on the Ambient Display is there in latest Android P.

8. Android RunTime (ART) improvements:

New changes in the OS will improve the Android Runtime that results in a noteworthy performance and productive boosts which means that applications can be launched faster and consumes less memory on your phone with Android P. This feature will definitely work in a productive way.

9. Messaging apps improvements:

Messaging application also has a few changes to improve the general involvement. A striking component is an arrangement for designers to make pictures distinguishable in the notification shade for all messages. It additionally has Smart Reply which lets you answer rapidly to messages through the warning shade. You should utilize mandatory reactions that are taken during analysis of the approaching messages.

android p messaging

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10. Taking and editing screenshots with ease:

Android P’s new screen capture editorial manager can alter and share your screen captures promptly in the wake of taking them. Another helpful Android 9.0 component is the expansion of screen capture catch to the power menu. On account of this component, you never again need to battle with the power in addition to volume down catches.

11. Auto-rotate button:

The expansion of new mindful catch makes auto-rotation a mess less demanding and is one of the staggeringly helpful Android highlights seen. Whenever the telephone turns to an introduction it’s not at present bolted to, an auto-pivot catch shows up in the route bar.

Auto-rotate button

12. Overcoming browser limitation:

Android Oreo’s usage of Autofill has one restriction, and that is its powerlessness to work with browsers. The most recent form manages this restriction by enabling secret word supervisors to populate the login accreditations into browsers.


All these above Android P features seem very charming and delightful as they fulfill plenty of digital age demands. The mentioned Android P features play a very important role in making the version more productive and resourceful. As time passes, the technology is not just changing but innovating manifolds very rapidly. The introduction of new sorts of Android P features seems to be essential for the company to launch; as people tend to buy more of new things which offer a variety of options. If any company fails to provide new features over the time they may encounter decline in sales or reputation of the firm. So, it is important indeed for the company to bring out R&D properly and provide new things that can attract new customers as well as enhance the loyalty of permanent customers. Do mention in comments which Android P feature you loved the most and why!

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