Google’s Fun Little Experiment: Emoji Scavenger Hunt

Google has done a little experiment which you might be interested in. The company has new emoji scavenger hunt for you. It is new AI-powered experiment created by Google which has some neat machine learning tricks implemented. This app is a great example of how simple little fun apps can be made using current gen machine learning tools. This game can be played on your mobile phone by simply visiting this link. The game uses your phone’s camera in order to recognize different objects that match an emoji. Every quest will be bound by a time limit and every object you find increases your time.

Emoji Scavenger Hunt

The game is fun and will engage you for hours once you dive into it. The object recognition feature can miss the objects sometimes and it might allow you to trick it sometimes. But the game is still fun, as the majority of times it accurately recognizes the object in the picture. As this is a part of an experiment, you can just play the game for fun and enjoy searching for emoji in your real world.

The Power of AI:

These type of experiments allow us to peek into the future of AI. Google is hosting its I/O conference, where the company is expected to reveal several new things. The event will mostly feature on AI-based services along with a great focus on Google’s other software products. Rumours have also been rolling about the Google Lens finally coming up in the new Camera app. Furthermore, the event will cover Google’s cloud-based offerings and its specialized AI chips. These chips are known as Tensor Processing Units. This is basically a cloud computing software and hardware system that supports some of the Google’s most ambitious technologies. Google is moving towards its own hardware to power up their systems instead of using NVIDIA powered GPUs. The Google I/O conference will also introduce new changes and developments made to the new Android version P.


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