AI Chips Might Force You to Upgrade Your Smartphone

We have already seen that Artificial Intelligence technology is enlarging with each day. There is a lot of examples like “face recognition in the photos” to “Alexa Smart Speakers”. Well, the processor making industry has also noticed that the charm of AI. So, they are thinking of making new chips with AI integration. The new chips will expand from your smartphones, laptops to the car, security camera and more. With these new chips in your smartphones, you might be forced to Upgrade Your Smartphone.

Upgrade Your Smartphone

The gradual development in the AI will soon be matching with machine learning and Neural Network. If you will train a neural network with real data it can translate spoken word into a text message and spot spam emails. That will certainly going to change the rigidity of the traditional computer programming.

You can say AI is everywhere, in the recently concluded meeting of Congress this week Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg referred to the potential solution to the fake account and wrong Information detection via Artificial Intelligence. The smartphone makers like Samsung, Apple and LG are already working on so many projects related to Artificial Intelligence.

In a Statement said by an analyst with the Linley Group that almost all the new high-end smartphones are already using the AI accelerator like iPhone X A11 Chip and Samsung Galaxy S9 Exynos 9810. Even mid-range phones are moving toward the AI chips. AI integrated chips will soon be taking huge steps other than the smartphones, Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Home devices.

What Can AI Chips Do?

Take an example of internet-enabled security cameras which nowadays takes the whole burden of streaming the videos constantly. Then what you really want from your camera? Look at the scene and send a voice saying nothing is happening no need to send the video. When something happens then send some images or sound notification type of stuff.

So, the conclusion is that the PC has powerful processors for them it is easy to integrate AI chips but for small devices, it will be difficult. Let’s see how it works.



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