Apple Releases iOS 11.3 With Battery Health, New Animojis and More

Apple has been testing the new update for iOS since January in beta and it has finally released the update yesterday for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The new version (iOS 11.3) has some newly added Animoji characters, improved ARKit capabilities and new features in the Battery Health app. Apple has added a new feature to turn off Processor throttling for iPhones with old batteries inside.

Apple received a lot of criticism and bad press when developers discovered that Apple was intentionally slowing down the peak processor speeds. According to Apple, it was done to provide better battery times to the users. The controversy forced Apple to issue a public apology. That is why Apple has introduced the new feature which gives users the control to toggle the processor throttling.

iOS 11.3
Courtesy: Apple

But if you turn on processor throttling then you might face some unexpected shutdowns. This is because of the ageing battery in your phone. The older battery might not be able to provide enough power to the processor to perform high demanding tasks. One can always replace batteries to maintain high performance on their iPhones. The current feature to toggle throttling is only available in iPhone 7/7 Plus, SE, 6S/6S Plus, 6/6 Plus as of now.

All users with an iPhone 6 and later can now determine their battery health which will tell the users if they need to change the battery. This option is available on the Battery Health page. iOS 11.3 introduces some new Animoji for the iPhone X. This includes a Lion, Bear, Dragon and a Skull. In the AR department, Apple adds the capability to extend the experience to vertical surfaces like walls and doors. Last version of iOS limits the AR capabilities to horizontal surfaces only. ARKit is even smarter now to recognize irregularly shaped objects.

custom animated characters
Courtesy: Apple

Some Other Additions to iOS:

Apple has also introduced a lot of bug fixes in iOS 11.3 including the fix for keyboard being disconnected from the iPad and much more. Privacy which has been the prime focus of Apple’s development team gets a new addition. Now you will see a new privacy icon whenever Apple is asking for your personal information- so that you can verify the request is legit. A couple of features namely Business Chat and medical records in the Health app have been adding too. The Business chat app introduces features where select businesses can directly communicate with their consumers on the Messages app.  This almost sums up the new upgrade for the iOS. Hope, people enjoy the nice upgrade from Apple.


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