Android Messages for Web Goes Live Today

Google has already started the rollout of Android messages on the web. After months of speculations and Google teasing the feature, finally, Desktop support for Android Messages is out. According to Google the feature will begin rollout today and will continue for the rest of the week. Android Messages web will offer a feature rich interface with support for text, images and stickers. The interface will be very much similar to what we get on Android. This will keep everything well synced up in place.

android messages

However, the feature will be rolled out slowly so everybody wouldn’t be getting to experience the feature straight away. The Android Messages website works very similar to how WhatsApp web works. When you go onto the website you are presented with a QR Code. This QR code needs to be scanned using the Android Messages app on your phone. This creates a link between both web and Android applications. After the setup is complete you would be able to carry on with your messages while even on the web. Furthermore, the Android Messages web app is live but the feature to connect to it on the Android messages app is still missing. However, it might not be too much time when you get the feature.

Google is improving its message service towards its efforts for creating and implementing Rich Communication Services (RCS). We have seen earlier iMessage, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger etc. have already implemented their Web interfaces. This feature not only increases the flexibility of being connected through a single machine. You don’t have switch your attention back and forth from smartphone to PC while working. Google has also introduced smart replies for more carriers and features like built-in GIF search. However, none of the messages is end to end encrypted which is a big downside for the app. But we believe Google will be adding encryption to the messages in upcoming recent months.


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