Top 8 Websites To Download Movies Legally and For Free

When it comes to span leisure time with friends and family, the most important task is to find something doable inside the home. Esp. in this season when the sun is on its mission to burn the energy from us all with its scorching heat. Movie time is the best resort. Not just these days, since ages cinema has been playing out many roles, to inspire us, to rescue us of life troubles, to educate us, and most perfectly to smoothen our heavy duty spirits. There are many genres to explore from Hollywood to Bollywood movies. In every country there are fans of both who want to download movies for free.

Going out there and spending money every time to watch your favorite movie buff isn’t quite likely. So, what if we got to do this right from our homes? Who wouldn’t love freebies? C’mon’ we all do man!

With the advent of humongous streaming channels it is truly possible to watch Bollywood and Hollywood movies for free! No, I am not symbolizing to torrent website here. Why risking the life of your system in hands of torrent malwares, when there are some really cool people who offer free download on their sites for us legally.

Becoming host to pirated content is something not at all recommended. When there are legal options in hand, we have it for you. Here’s a personally checked list of websites that do offer huge amount of movie content for free.

So, let’s not hold much and scroll down to get to this amazing list of best 8 websites to download movies for free.

1. Retrovision

A complete package for all your entertainment needs, whether it is TV series or movies. But as the name says, they have their classical collection. These free downloadable video clips can also be found at another source named as Classic UHF, an android app.

The data size here does not make it a mess to find your choice as it has a much specified filter of genre which is user friendly as well. Moreover, alike many other websites, their understanding for differentiating various movies and series into specific category and genre is good. For updates via Retrovision, sign-up for free and get their newsletter.Retrovision

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2. Youtube

Youtube is the most popular host for millions of free videos. Although not video is free but there are some channels that allows you to watch movies without any cost. For the classic feature film lovers, Australian Movie Channel, Popcornflix and Maverick Movies can be some good options. Since youtube provides great streaming speed and lesser advertisements, it is recommended to spend your time with youtube rather than any other website (if youtube serves your choice).Youtube

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3. Pluto TV

Once you land on Pluto TV’s website, you’ll surely be remembered of the traditional TV era. The site is designed to give a classic feel with a listing of more than 75 TV channels from various categories. A nice feature of Pluto TV that people appreciate more is its channel category division, it’s too precise and feels just like playing TV on laptop screens. Similarly they have dedicated channels to watch and download movies for free.Pluto TV

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4. Hulu TV

You might have heard of the popular HULU TV. Although it is a subscription based streaming website, but with the free account also there are numerous options to watch and download movies for free. The exciting thing is Hulu tv has its own android and ios apps too. So, no missing of favorite bollywood and hollywood movies even when you are not in touch of your system. But, do remember due to country restrictions, you may have to use a proxy for accessing the content.Hulu TV

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5. Vimeo

The most popular video streaming website right after youtube, is Vimeo. While many people tend to use vimeo for knowledgeable content sharing, vimeo has got enormous directories of movies on it. What if you didn’t find the particular movie or TV show you been searching for since long? Just go to the On-Demand content area of Vimeo and pay for the specified show or movie and have unlimited fun watching the same.Vimeo

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6. House Movie

The most amazing and simply setup site to watch or download movies. The site has got a really huge collection of movies in HD quality to be streamed or downloaded freely. No need to get along with friends TV subscriptions or sloppy news bashes, when you can yourself get to download and watch all the latest movies and series for free. Moreover, there are many blog posts on articles and movie or characters found on House Movie. They just add the glitch of fun to watching movies.House Movie

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7. World Free 4 You

If you are a true movie fan, you should follow this website for sure. It has high quality movies in minimal storage size. Here, you can find a directory of around 8000 movies from all the genres of both Bollywood and Hollywood movies. The site lets you go for some simple 4-5 steps download any movie of interest for free. It is also ranked as 3150 by alexa and the Indian rank is 403.World Free 4 You

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8. Yahoo View

Amongst some top names providing free movies and TVserials, Yahoo doesn’t like to stand behind at all. Here it is with the free video streaming channel which works similar to the pattern of vimeo and youtube. The site hosts bulk movies and TV serials from all over the world. The only problem here is the country restriction again. Non US citizens might face some sort of trouble while streaming, but if you got a nice VPN in hand, then Yahoo view shall be your next weekend stoppage.Yahoo View

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And the list might go on and on. There are loads of free options out there to enjoy the beautiful world of movies right from your home. But please beware of pirated websites and all those sites that back-link to some torrent malware hosts. They could cause some serious harm to your system. Additionally licensing issues are to be taken care of, being literate citizens of the country. I hope you have some ease next time to download movies for free after browsing through our list. Have fun and keep us posted which link entertains you the most and why!


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