Top 10 Wifi Analyzer For Windows | Android

We are living in an era of the cyber world, where we are witnessing advancements on a daily basis. One such massive development that revolutionized our way of living is the Internet. In the present scenario, we rely on the Internet for almost all our daily tasks; and cannot imagine a life without the internet. But one thing which we all hate is buffering; i.e. slow internet connectivity and we often feel like going back into the stone age when that happens. How about if we can analyze the network connectivity and then optimize the same to ensure proper internet connectivity? That would be awesome. This is where the wifi analyzer comes into play.

What is a Wifi analyzer?

Wifi analyzer helps in generating a visual display of the network data of the channels surrounding you. This helps in optimizing the network according to your requirements; to ensure a faster and more reliable internet connection. But our of tonnes of different Wi-Fi analyzers, only a handful of them are actually reliable. But nothing to worry about, as we have listed down some of the most reliable Wifi analyzers for your Windows and Android devices.

1. Windows 10 Wifi analyzer

Windows 10 Wifi analyzer is one of the most reliable Wi-Fi analyzers available in the market for Windows. It has pretty simple user-interface. The user can easily search for the suitable channels and identify the same with the help of in-built heat maps. Windows 10 Wifi analyzer also helps in identifying all the interrupting networks and helps in selecting the best possible points for installing your Wi-Fi router.

The pro version has some additional features like screen lit all the time, beeper on finding a suitable access point, etc.

Official Downloadable: Here

2. Windows Wifi Analyzer Tool

wifi analyzer tool

Another notable mention from the Microsoft store; the Windows Wifi analyzer tool is a powerful Wifi analyzer for Windows 10/8/7. It is a very simple yet reliable tool, which helps in scanning the surrounding network to eliminate the overlapping networks and improve the overall connection.

Official Downloadable: Here

3. NetSpot

It is another user-friendly Wifi analyzer for Windows 10. NetSpot has two in-built modes

  • Survey: Helps in identifying the surrounding networks and suitable access points using heat maps.
  • Discover: Helps in providing the snapshots of the surrounding Wi-Fi networks helping in selecting the most suitable point of installing the Wi-Fi router.

NetSpot is a paid app, charging $49/month for the home version.

Official Downloadable: Here

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4. Netcut


Netcut is one of the all-rounders in this Wifi analyzer category as it is suitable for Windows, Android as well as iOS. It is an efficient and powerful network debugging and analyzing tool designed mainly for office purpose and advanced users.

Netcut helps in scanning all the surrounding IP addresses; using the APR protocol the user can easily manage their network bandwidth; prevent any network abuse.

Using Netcut one can easily bar any undesirable host from your Wi-Fi network.

Official Downloadable: Here

5. Open Signal

Open Signal is one of the best Wi-Fi analyzers for Android devices. Some of the features of open Signal are as follows:

  • Identifying and analyzing the surrounding network.
  • Analyzing the quality and speed of the network.
  • Locating surrounding network towers.

Official Downloadable: Here

6. inSSIDer

inSSIDer is a powerful Wi-Fi analyzer tool, designed for advanced users. It is available in three versions out of which the office version is the most pocket-friendly plan charging $149/month. This powerful tool can handle larger network connection with accuracy and speed; can also be used to analyze network saturation in surrounding networks. It keeps a record of the Wi-Fi signal strength collected over a period of time to ensure proper optimization of the connected network.

Official Downloadable: Here

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7. Scan Fi

Another notable mention in the Wi-Fi Analyzers for Android is Scan Fi. It is free to download and can be used to analyze Wi-Fi networks in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz range. Scan-Fi shows the strengths of the surrounding networks using graphical representation.

Official Downloadable: Here

8. SolarWinds Wifi Analyzer

SolarWinds Wifi analyzer is one of the leading WiFi analyzers available in the market for Windows. It features a full NPM which is used to analyze the surrounding network endpoints and generate heat maps.

Official Downloadable: Here

9. SpeedTest Master

SpeedTest Master is one of the easiest to use Wifi analyzer; for analyzing the surrounding network, its speed, latency, and also helps the user in switching the connected network.

Official Downloadable: Here

10. Wi-Fi commander

Wi-Fi commander is one of the most powerful WiFi analyzers available for the Windows. It shows the strengths of the surrounding network in real-time graphs. Also, helps in optimizing the network for fast and secure internet connectivity.

Official Downloadable: Here


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