20 Useful Kodi Keyboard Shortcuts Every Kodi User Need to Know

When it comes to streaming services, it is hard to find people who wouldn’t have heard about Kodi. It is an amazing media player cum entertainment hub. With support for platforms such as Windows, MAC, Android, and others, it is hard to not like it. And one more reason to like it, it is absolutely free. You can customize its looks with awesome skins to suit your tastes and needs. But not just the skins, Kodi also supports various add-ons. You can use them to increase the functionality Kodi offers. But, what is a media player without proper shortcuts? We are going to present you with a list of Kodi keyboard shortcuts to help you easily navigate around and have an enjoyable Kodi experience.

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20 Kodi Keyboard Shortcuts

1. Pause/Play

This is pretty intuitive as almost all media players have this shortcut. You use the spacebar key to Pause or Play.


2. Audio delay control

You can use audio delay control setting by pressing the keyboard button A. This is useful when the audio and video are not in sync and require certain adjustments.


3. Fast Forward

This is an option that doesn’t need any introduction. If you want to quickly skip over the content currently playing, then you can use fast forward option. Access it using the keyboard button F.


4. Volume Up/Down

You can easily increase or decrease the volume using the + or keys on your keyboard respectively.


5. Fullscreen/Windowed mode

It is fairly easy to toggle between the fullscreen and windowed mode in Kodi using the \ (backslash) button on your keyboard.


6. Shut Down Menu

You can directly bring out the shutdown menu by using the S key on your keyboard. This is the very same menu which you will get if you click on the power option on Kodi home screen.


7. Seek forward/backward 10 minutes

Yes, you read that right. You can seek forward or backward 10 minutes directly by using the keyboard buttons [ (left square bracket) or ] (right square bracket) respectively.


8. Zoom/aspect ratio

You can adjust the aspect ratio of the video you are currently playing to suit your tastes by using the Z key on your keyboard.


9. Stop

Nothing much to explain here. You can stop the ongoing file with the X key on your keyboard.


10. Play

Just the opposite of the stop option. Play option lets you start playing the file. Use it with the P key on your keyboard.

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11. Toggle Subtitles on or off

Not everyone is fond of subtitles. You can use the T key on your keyboard to toggle them on or off.


12. Screenshot

You can take a screenshot in Kodi using either the Prt Sc key or the key combination Ctrl + S.


13. Exit Kodi

You can directly exit Kodi by pressing the key combination Ctrl + End. However, one thing to remember is that it will only work on the home screen.


14. Fullscreen playback

You can play your media on fullscreen using the Tab key on your keyboard.


15. Mute

This is something which can come in handy anytime. Use the F8 key on your keyboard to mute the audio.


16. Move subtitles up/down

You may not be comfortable with the default position of the subtitles on your screen. You can use the combination of Ctrl + up arrow and Ctrl + down arrow to move the subtitles up or down respectively.


17. Picture Zoom in/out

If you are viewing pictures in Kodi, you can use + and to zoom in and out respectively.


18. Next Picture

You can press the . (period) key on your keyboard to go the next picture.


19. Previous Picture

This one is pretty intuitive and you may have already guessed it. You can use the , (comma) key on your keyboard to go to the previous picture.


20. Rotate Picture

You can use the R key on your keyboard to rotate the picture you are viewing. You can find more Kodi shortcuts related to pictures on the website mentioned below.


The above list is by no means an exhaustive one. You can find more Kodi shortcuts on this website. There are ones which let you directly skip the number of seconds you want. There is also one which lets you directly seek to the position from which you want to play your file.

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