List of 12 Best Kodi skins 2018

As per Kodi’s website, it is an award-winning free and open source media player software and entertainment hub. It is also designed to run on various platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and OSX.

Kodi Skins

One of the best things about Kodi is its ability to take on various skins which are designed by artists and you can easily get them for free. By default, you will get two skins, Estuary(default skin) and Estouchy, pre-installed. To add more skins, you can follow the process below.

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Process to add skins to Kodi

  1. In the main menu, click on settings

    Kodi - Process 1 - Settings
    Process 1 – Settings
  2. Then, click on Interface settings

    Kodi - Process 2 - Interface settings
    Process 2 – Interface settings
  3. Then, click on Skin

    Kodi - Process 3 - Skin
    Process 3 – Skin
  4. After that, click on Get more…

    Kodi - Process 4 - Get more...
    Process 4 – Get more…
  5. You will be presented with a list of many skins from which you can select whichever you want. You would need to allow it download and also a few add-ons it may require.

    Kodi - Available skins
    Available skins

12 Best Kodi Skins of 2017

The skins in Kodi not only give you an aesthetic feel but also allow you better control over certain settings and menu options. You can choose whichever suits your tastes and needs the best.

  1. Aeon Nox

    Aeon Nox has been on the list of best Kodi skins for a long time now. It has an easy to use and futuristic interface. Also, beginners, as well as advanced users, can enjoy various customization options of fonts and colors.

    Kodi - Aeon Nox Home
    Aeon Nox Home

    Kodi - Aeon Nox Settings
    Aeon Nox Settings
  2. Amber 

    Amber is also not far behind Aeon Nox in the popularity index of Kodi skins. This is due to the fact that this skin even works on low resource machines. It is also highly customizable.

    Kodi - Amber Home
    Amber Home

    Kodi - Amber Settings
    Amber Settings
  3. Arctic: Zephyr

    Zephyr’s popularity is due to its functional interface and also the beautiful implementation of its design. Apart from customization, the amount of information it provides at a glance would make it a worthy choice.

    Kodi - Arctic: Zephyr Home
    Arctic: Zephyr Home

    Kodi - Arctic: Zephyr Settings
    Arctic: Zephyr Settings
  4. Black Glass Nova

    Black Glass Nova is a skin of choice for those who like transparent kind of skins. It incorporates a rounded edge design for its menu and other options and allows for customization of the skin itself as well as fonts.

    Kodi - Black Glass Nova Home
    Black Glass Nova Home

    Kodi - Black Glass Nova Settings
    Black Glass Nova Settings
  5. Box

    The design of Box would remind one of the styles of Windows phone. The boxed representation of the various options gives it a clean and intuitive look. It also doesn’t lack in any customization which the user may want to do.

    Kodi - Box Home
    Box Home

    Kodi - Box Settings
    Box Settings
  6. Mimic

    As the name suggests, Mimic tries to copy the best features from various other skins in order to create a truly versatile and user-friendly skin for Kodi. One can find a touch of Aeon Nox as well as other skins in it.

    Kodi - Mimic Home
    Mimic Home

    Kodi - Mimic Settings
    Mimic Settings
  7. Nebula

    The one skin which should be on the list of all light colored theme lovers. Nebula’s beautiful interface offers a rich user experience and allows for some serious customization.

    Kodi - Nebula Home
    Nebula Home

    Kodi - Nebula Settings
    Nebula Settings
  8. Omni

    Omni as a skin lacks some customization options but it makes up for that by having a clean and clutter-free design. Some elements of Mimic may be spotted but with a more icon-centric approach rather than a descriptive approach.

    Kodi - Omni Home
    Omni Home

    Kodi - Omni Settings
    Omni Settings
  9. Pellucid

    Pellucid is a really beautiful theme because of its square type user interface. The default leaf background is really eye catching and the design of the menu items doesn’t interfere with the aesthetics in any way.

    Kodi - Pellucid Home
    Pellucid Home

    Kodi - Pellucid Settings
    Pellucid Settings
  10. Phenomenal

    This skin is really phenomenal. The default background is that of a huge theatre which really adds to the purpose of the whole app. The design of this skin makes intelligent use of light and dark color tones in order to increase its visual appeal.

    Kodi - Phenomenal Home
    Phenomenal Home

    Kodi - Phenomenal Settings
    Phenomenal Settings
  11. Rapier

    Rapier is a rather dark blue skin as opposed to the cliche black design. It is simple and easy to use with all the customization options available.

    Kodi - Rapier Home
    Rapier Home

    Kodi - Rapier Settings
    Rapier Settings
  12. Unity

    Yes, you read that right, it’s Unity. The look and feel of this skin are unlike any other skin mentioned above. It uses various colors in order to create sharp and visually pleasing aesthetics rather than following a monochrome dark or light approach. A must try if you wish to transition from a dark theme to a more colorful one.

    Kodi - Unity Home
    Unity Home

    Kodi - Unity Settings
    Unity Settings


The Verdict

Finally, I would say that it is really difficult to choose the best skin out of the above mentioned 12. Each and every skin has something to rely on and thus it entirely depends on the taste of users. And, one more thing to take note of is that all of the above-mentioned skins are free and are also directly available from the Kodi settings menu itself.

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