Top 11 Google Fun Tricks to Lift Up Your Mood

We are living in an era of the cyber world, where we are witnessing advancements on a daily basis. One such massive development that revolutionized our way of living is the Internet. In the present scenario, we rely on the Internet for almost all our daily tasks, and cannot imagine a life without the internet. For many of us, Google is the prime definition of the Internet. We rely on Google for all seamless web surfing. But all work and no play makes you a dull person. So keeping aside all professionalism, let’s switch to the fun mode as in this article we’ll be discussing some of the best Google Fun Tricks you can carry out.

Top 11 Google Fun Tricks

1. Google Sky

google sky

If you are interested in space and other celestial bodies, then this trick is perfect for you. Search “Google Sky” in google chrome, and you’ll be taken into a wonderful space adventure. You’ll be able to access the space map and select varieties of celestial bodies like the planets of our solar system, far off stars and meteoroids, different galaxies, constellations and observe it at a much closer range.  This is one of the most addicting google fun tricks, and you can spend hours observing our massive universe right from your home.

2. Google Gravity

Google Fun Tricks - google gravity

Another interesting google fun trick is Google Gravity. Search for “Google Gravity” and then select “I’m feeling lucky”. Google will redirect you to a chrome extension which was developed by Hi-Res. You’ll find that all the tabs and menus that are displayed in the Google search page will come down due to because of gravity. Try out this interesting google fun trick today itself.

3. Tilt/Askew

Google fun tricks tilt

Search for “Tilt” or “Askew” in Google, and you’ll find that all the contents are tilted to one side. Now you need to read by tilting your head, but make sure you don’t get neck pain.

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4. Atari Breakout

Google Fun Tricks - Atari Breakout

Most of us are familiar with the famous classic arcade game, “Breakout”  from the ’70s. Search for “Atari Breakout” in Google Images. To your surprise, you’ll find that the image has been transformed into a classic breakout game, which you can play and enjoy. Surely a notable mention among the google fun tricks.

5. Barrel Roll Trick

Google Fun Tricks - roll

Open Google Chrome and type “Do a Barrel Roll” in the search bar. You’ll notice that the page will start rotating. The page repeats twice before returning to its initial position. Weird google fun trick right?

6. Once in a Blue Moon

blue moon

Type “Once in a Blue Moon” in your Google Search bar and Google will provide you with a specific frequency, describing the fact that blue moons happen every 2.71 years.

7. Dino Jump

Google Fun Tricks - dino jump

One of the most annoying that we hate with all our heart is “Unable to connect to the Internet” message, accompanied by a dinosaur. Well, in such cases just hit the spacebar and your dinosaur will come back to life, and you can enjoy playing the classic obstacle avoiding game till the internet comes back. Surely another addicting google fun trick to try.

8. Set a Timer


Open up Google Chrome and type “Set a timer for X mins/hours”. Google will set an on-screen timer for you.

9. Tip calculator


If you are a foodie, then this google fun trick is perfect for you. Search for “Tip calculator”, and Google will provide you with an on-screen calculator which you can use to calculate the amount for a particular tip percentage and even adjust the number of persons as well.

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10. Recursion


Search for “Recursion’ in the Google search bar and Google will be stuck in an infinite loop displaying “Did you mean Recursion?”.

11. Flipping a coin

flip a coin

Search for “Flip a coin” in google and google will toss a coin for you. You can also type for “Roll a dice’ or “Spinner” which are also mini-games you can try.


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