Final Showdown: Google Photos vs Amazon Prime Photos

Photos are an important part of our lives. They are the source using which we can travel back in time; in those sweet memories and re-live it again and again. All such photos are priceless, collected in our lifespan; and all those pieces can not are replenished once loss in case of a system failure. So it becomes important to keep a back-up of all our priceless photos using either some external storage or with the help of cloud storage. When it comes to cloud storage for backing up our photos; Google Photos and Amazon Prime Photos stands tall. These two services are the best in this category, each with its own unique features and services.

Let us now start off with this battle between Google Photos and Amazon Prime Photos

  • Availability

When it comes to regions covered; Google covers the entire globe while Amazon Prime Photos is restricted to a few selected regions; like United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and Spain.

As a result of this limited availability; Google beats Amazon Prime Photos.

  • Service Charges

Amazon Prime Photos is a paid service, which can be accessed via two different ways-

  • Through Amazon Prime:  If you subscribe to Amazon Prime, then you get access to Amazon Prime Photos as well.
  • Through Amazon Drive: You can subscribe to Amazon Drive alone, without subscribing to Amazon Prime.

The subscription fees for Amazon Prime varies from region to region. In the US, two plans are available for Amazon drive

  • 100GB storage at $11.99 annually.
  • 1TB storage at $59.99 annually.

But when it comes to Google Photos, it is a completely free service without any geographical limitations. As a result of this, Google beats Amazon Prime Photos with a huge price tag difference.

  • Devices Supported

Google Photos is supported in devices which are powered by Android, iOS, and even in the web. Google Photos do not feature any desktop suitable app.

Prime Photos is available on Android, iOS, on the web, and also features a desktop version. Amazon Prime Photos is pre-implemented on all Amazon devices like Amazon Fire TV, Fire tablets, etc. Amazon Prime Photos covers a larger number of platforms as compared to Google Photos, and hence beats Google Photos in this category.

  • Storage Availability

If you have a Prime subscription; then you can upload an unlimited number of photos to your Amazon Prime Photos; in full resolution. As a result of this, the user can extract all their raw photos in high resolution, which can be used during any events of photography.

But when it comes to uploading photos using Google Photos, there is a limitation to it.

google photos

You can upload an unlimited number of photos to Google Photos, but the size of each photo shouldn’t be more than 16 megapixelsFor photos which are more than 16 megapixels, Google Photos automatically compresses the file into jpeg format and then uploads it.

Amazon Prime Photos offers a 5GB of massive storage for uploading videos and other documents. Using Google Photos you can upload an unlimited number of videos, but the resolution of the videos should not exceed 1080p.

If the subscription fees for the Amazon Prime Photos is neglected; then this service is much better for professional photographers when compared to Google Photos.

  • Family time

One of the most attractive features of Amazon Prime Photos is its Family Vault.

The owner of the Amazon Prime subscription can create a family group containing up to 6 members; each with their own Amazon Photo account. Every member can upload or remove photos whenever required; for creating the perfect family album. The owner of the Prime Subscription can add or remove the members at his will.

When it comes to Google Photos, it offers the same feature which allows the user to share their album with their family members. But the drawbacks of this service is that the user is required to grant access to additional apps and services; which can create some privacy issues for some of the users.

  • Additional Services and Products

When it comes to turning your priceless memories into permanent hard copies; both Google Photos, and Amazon Prime Photos offers their unique services.

Using Google Photos you can either buy

  • The soft cover version (18cmX18cm) of your photos for a price of $9.99. And for extra pages (max 100) you’ll be charged $0.35 for each.
  • The hardcover version (23cmX23cm) of your photos for a price of $19.99. For extra pages (max 100) you’ll be charged $0.65 for each.

So we see that Google’s services are limited to only these two. But With Amazon Prime Photos you can opt for a wider range of products; like books, prints, calendar, printed mugs, mouse mats, prints on aluminum, etc.

You can customize all the products with photos of your choice, which makes Amazon Prime Photos a better selection over Google Photos.


Amazon Prime Photos offers a wider range of services and products when compared to Google Photos; with only drawbacks being that it is a paid service and it is restricted to only a few selected regions.

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