Google Chrome OS New Features and Security Patches

Chrome OS Updated for Google Assistant and Android Pie Support

The latest version of Google Chrome OS has moved from beta to release status. The Chrome OS based on Google’s web browser Chrome has moved to version 72 alike its base – Chrome browser. If someone has the right kind of device he or she can really notice the differences. Read more about Chrome OS in Wikipedia.

Feature Updates

One of the biggest adjustment is that now Chrome OS supports native integration of Google Assistant and Android Pie, which brings a lot to the table for ChromeOS. Now, like Android, there is a central pill-shaped bar at the center of the screen that can expand for users to type commands or can be accessed via voice controls.

If someone is using Chrome OS on convertible tablet-style hardware like the Pixel Slate he/she can’t help but notice the accessibility of the device in tablet mode. There is also now a picture in picture mode for videos playing in browsers. This feature is turned on by default. There are also some tweaks in the menu regarding Cast features and Settings.

Security Patches

Chrome OS 72 sandboxes their “Shill” network manager to prevent some exploits. This provides safety from the attacks which Chrome OS faced in 2016. It also provides a USBGuard feature. This feature locks the access of USB ports when the device is locked. This helps the prevention of attacks using “Rubber Ducky”. For those who don’t know about “Rubber Ducky” attacks – “Rubber Ducky” attacks use a USB thumb drive. These thumb drives pretend to be a USB keyboard and execute commands while a system should be asleep.

Chrome OS is a great operating system for those who want to do simple web browsing, document editing on low-end hardware. But it is not yet a complete powerful OS. These updates are pushing Chrome OS a bit closer to completion.


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