GBA4iOS Emulator Download Tutorial for iPhone

No doubt in the past, many of you installed Cydia just to get your hands on the games emulators. With iOS not having support for anything other than iOS apps, they were the only way to play games from consoles like the PlayStation, Nintendo, and others, on your iPhone or iPad. Now you don’t need to jailbreak; with an emulator app called GBA4iOS, you can still play Nintendo and Gameboy games on your device, and it’s all free.

Is it Safe?

Yes, it is. Not only does the developer have an excellent reputation to protect, but they also took special care over ensuring the emulator was safe and free of malware and viruses. We also ran our own tests on the app and found nothing that could possibly harm your device in any way. All we can say is that, like any unofficial content, you are downloading this at your own risk; but there are two things you can do to provide your personal protection – use antivirus software and a recommended VPN.

How to Install GBA4iOS:

This is easy enough but do make sure you follow this guide EXACTLY as it is written:

  1. Open Safari on your iPhone
  2. Go to Emus4U Store and tap on the Apps tab
  3. Scroll down, find and tap GBA4iOS 2.1
  4. Tap on Download Page and scroll down to find the app icon
  5. There are now two versions to choose from – for the iPhone 8 Plus or earlier, you want the first option and for the iPhone X or later, the second option
  6. On the popup message, tap Install>Install GBA4IOS
  7. Wait till you can see the Emus4u app icon on your home screen – the installation is done

Now, before you can use it, you do need to trust the developer on your device; otherwise, the app won’t run:

  1. Open Settings > General > Profiles on your device
  2. For the iPhone 8 Plus or earlier, tap the profile name of Jiang Xi Microblog Technology Co Ltd and for the iPhone X or later, tap SAE Magnetics Dongguan Limited
  3. Tap Trust and close Settings

GBA4iOS is now ready for you to use; enjoy playing all your favorite GBA and Nintendo games, all for free

Now you can download whatever ROMS you want on your device. A ROM is Read-Only Memory and is basically a copy of the cartridge for the games you want to play. Just be aware that ROMs are protected by copyright and it is illegal to download them – we do not encourage piracy in any form.

How to Download ROM’s:

 Again, this is pretty easy to do:

  1. Open GBA4iOS by tapping the app icon
  2. Go to the top-right corner and tap Search
  3. Choose your game series – right now, you can choose from 11, but there will be more coming in future updates.
  4. Next, choose the version you want and tap on Download
  5. Tap Save on the popup message
  6. Launch it and enjoy

You can also search on Google for other ROMs to download and just use the same process as above.

How to Delete GBA4iOS:

If you don’t like GBA4iOS, can’t get on with it or it just doesn’t support your favorite games, you can quickly delete it from your iPhone:

  1. Open Settings and go to General
  2. Navigate to Profiles and Device Management and find the name of the developer – either Jiang Xi Microblog Technology Co Ltd or SAE Magnetics Dongguan Limited, depending on the device you are using
  3. Tap on the name and then tap Delete Profile
  4. Close Settings and go back to your home screen
  5. That’s it, and the app is gone

If you do miss your emulators from Cydia, GBA4iOS is definitely worth a look. It offers support for most of the significant Nintendo and Gameboy games, giving you a decent choice of games to play on your iPhone or iPad.

While you are using Emus4U to install GBA4iOS onto your device, do take a few minutes to look through the installer. You will find that it offers a fantastic selection of content, modified games with all the in-app features unlocked, tweaked games with great new functions and features, some Cydia tweaks and a whole lot more. And everything in Emus4U is entirely free to download and use.

Do tell us how you get on with both GBA4iOS and Emus4U. And get more tips, updates, and fresh app recommendations by following us on Facebook.


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