The Debut of PlayStation 5 | Next XBox Set to Release in 2020

While Sony remains the market leader of play stations; with the help of PS4 and PS4 Pro, fans are hoping and waiting to hear more about what’s coming up next. A general announcement has been made that a big PlayStation is being built. And the release date of PS5 is approaching soon.

Firstly by different analysts, it had been predicted that Sony could make a new release of PlayStation as soon as possible in this year, as “PS5”. But in a recent interview with Pachter, it was expressed that; it was quite unlikely that Sony is going to release the PS5 anytime this running year. It may also probably be not possible in the next year too. The significant changes in Sony’s new PlayStation, PS5 console’s release has been set in the year 2020.

The recent reports reveal and suggest the fact that Microsoft is working on as many as four new Xbox models. Some analysts announced according to which it indicates the reveals from both, Microsoft and Sony that will probably be coming up in the year 2019. According to The NPD Group analyst Mat Piscatella; Sony is going to launch its next-gen PlayStation system sometime in the year of 2020.

Thus giving the PS4 and PS4 Pro, a substantial of 6-year plus lifecycle.

While predictions have been off the mark when it comes to the Xbox One and the Xbox One X’s price tag and the rise in prices; the estimates of PS5 are falling in line with other industry analyst’s records. The data propose that there is no need to do the launch so earlier; and is good to forecast it in the coming year of 2020. Thus, launching PlayStation 5 in the year 2020 is a safe bet.

The launching of any of the two next-gen consoles in 2019 seems to be likely a long-shot; but there is a more relevant question that is whether or not they will launch in the year 2021 or 2020. Both of these seems to be likely serious and decision making scenarios. Moreover according to some sources, Sony and Microsoft, both are going to do the ultimately make of their decision; based on the fact that whether or not the PS4 and the Xbox One can continue with their strong sales and demand in 2019 as well.


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