SpaceX launches Starlink: Its heaviest mission

16th May proved to be another most successful SpaceX night, where SpaceX launches Starlink. One of the heaviest payload mission “Starlink’” According to Elon Musk, it has a payload of 18.5 tons. Musk has added in his tweet that this successful mission has launched a total of 60 satellites at a time. These satellites will generate the highest power till now in the history of the Space station with a bandwidth of 1 terabit energy towards the earth.

Starlink launch on 16th May 2019

Being the heaviest SpaceX mission, Starlink had been cross-checked for more than thrice a week, and finally, it took its grand launch in the night of Thursday 16th May. Previously various new launches were also made successfully to generate power to the earth, but Starlink has been designed with special features which have recorded to be the highest power-generating SpaceX mission till now with 1 terabit energy.

It has been reported that the first decided day of launch was 15th May, but there was a massive barrier on behalf of the weather. Finally, 16th May night the situations got cleared, and Starlink went on its launch.

SpaceX Starlink with special features

What’s so special in this new Space mission? On the query, Musk replied that Starlink had been built with such technological features where it can use thousands of satellite’s network at a time and that also in a low orbit of the Earth. As a result, the users will get broadband services with high bandwidth and low latency. The networking and connectivity will also remain under a continuous speed.

Starlink: One of the most ambitious projects said Elon Musk

The mission of this grand launch is not yet finished, and another take off is expected to happen in the next week. Elon Musk has reported this mission as one of his most ambitious projects till now.


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