Qualcomm Will Soon Announce New 3rd Gen Wearable Processors

All the Wear OS watches have been running on the Snapdragon Wear 2100 which was released in February 2016. But now Qualcomm finally realizes the need to design new Wearable Processors. As of now, the wearable devices don’t have many choices when it comes to processors. This is because of the fact that there are no other manufacturers of processors for wearable devices. Moreover, Qualcomm hasn’t been paying much attention to wearables in the recent past. The company has been busy with the new mobile chipsets which draw the majority of the company’s revenue. Due to this reason, even the wearable devices that came out in even 2018 are rocking a 2-year-old processor. And as it turns out due to a weak hardware we might have missed the major development in terms of software for wearables. It can also be argued that this is holding back the Wear OS.

wearable processors

The New Wearable Processors:

Well, whatever the story maybe Qualcomm is finally addressing the problem. Qualcomm’s senior Wearables director told that the company will be announcing new wearable processors. New Wear OS based watches will also be released with several partners along with a flagship device says Qualcomm. Pankaj Kedia also adds that new processors will be “designed from the ground up for a no-compromises smartwatch experience“. What wearables need as of now, is a great battery life and supposedly Qualcomm will be making efficient processors to achieve that. The company is designing processors to work more effectively with the always-on mode.

Kedia says, “A smartwatch is first and foremost a watch — it needs to look good. It needs to be sleek. The watch needs to look good when I’m looking at it or when I’m not looking at it. It cannot be static when I’m not looking at it, it cannot be black and white when I’m not looking at it. So when we talk to Fossil consumers and Michael Kors consumers, they want a no-compromises smartwatch”. It seems like wearable devices are finally going to get more optimized and streamlined series of processors.


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