Google I/O 2018: Google Lens Gains New Capabilities, Will be Built in Right Inside the Camera App

Google I/O 2018 is going on and it has some great announcements coming up. Nowadays Google is all about AI and Machine Learning. This conference is no exception to that. Following this, Google is all set to release a new version of Google Lens in beta. The feature will be built inside the camera app with rollout starting over the next few weeks. Google Lens was earlier introduced with Google’s own Pixel devices. Now Google Lens will follow up a wide rollout with a host of new exciting features. With the new update, Google Lens is coming to 10 Android devices. This list includes the Google Pixel 2 and LG’s new G7 ThinQ which will have the new Google Lens built in their native camera apps.

The new Google Lens feature includes a real-time finder that can analyze objects through your camera. You don’t even have to press the Click button, Lens will automatically get information for you. The app can also play video if you point it at a picture of a musician. That is all AI doing the work, thanks to Google’s longtime research and development. Google Lens will give you the information straight away about what is in the image. With the improvements made to the Lens, it can now recognize the brand and style of the clothes and provide you shopping links.

A very neat feature that the app introduces is that it can recognize words from a document with additional copy pasting abilities. Google Maps and Lens also intersect each other which provides AR to street view with real-time navigation. It also recognizes all places around you when you point your camera towards them. The object recognition tool built in the app now provides more accurate information about books, buildings and other things.


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