Oculus Quest Introduced By Facebook, Brings Gaming Fun

Oculus Quest First True VR Gaming Console Launched

Facebook Launched Upgraded Virtual Reality Headset Oculus Quest on Wednesday. The company has launched it at $ 399 (about Rs 29 thousand), though its sales will start from next year. With the help of this VR headset, users will be able to view 360-degree digital graphics by lighting the eyes.

What is its speciality?

  1. Its speciality is that it is a standalone headset, that is, there is no wire in it and it can be used for charging.
  2. In this headset, the camera and sensor inbuilt are given, which will track the movements of the user, along with the wireless controllers, whose work is to track the movements of the hands of the users.
  3. This VR headset is specially designed for gaming fans. According to reports, at the time of sale, 50 games can be launched along with this headset.
  4. Oculus Quest will work on Google’s Android mobile OS. It has Qualcomm’s Powerful Snapdragon-835 processor in it.
  5. It’ll support a resolution of 1600×1440 per eye, which is better than the high-end Oculus Rift.
  6. $399 is a price tag for VR headset of 64GB of memory, though we fully expect that versions with more memory will be introduced before the actual release.
Oculus Quest
Facebook Launched Qculus Quest. Courtesy:cnn.com

4 years ago Facebook bought Oculus

Facebook has made huge investments in VR hardware and technology. He bought Oculus, a company working on VR technology for $ 200 million (about 12,100 million rupees) in 2014. However, a single product from Oculus has not broken any records of sales so far, which has caused the company a little frustration. There has not been any benefit from this. However, the company expects that in the next 10 years, a good revenue can be generated from the company’s VR headset, because nowadays, many of the smartphones are offering companies with augmented reality and virtual reality.

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