Huawei 5G Trials Within a Month: Stuck for Permissions

5G Trials Within a Month: If Huawei Got Approval From Government

Huawei may not get the approval from the Indian Government to test 5G in India at this moment. But on Tuesday Huawei India CEO Jay Chen stressed on the fact that Huawei might be able to begin 5G trials within a month after they get approval from the Government.

What did Chen say about 5G in India:-

On a media workshop on 5G network, Chen told that their engagements with the Government have been positive until now. They are ready to test 5G. They will be able to start the trials as soon as they get approval from the DoT (Department of Telecommunication). Chen also revealed that Huawei is also talking with Bharti Airtel, Reliance Jio and BSNL for 5G roll-out in India.

Currently, Huawei is leading in the 5G race globally with its massive investment in R&D. In western countries, especially in US Huawei could not proceed with their 5G experiments. According to the US, 5G might pose a great threat to national security. Also, there are some adverse effects on the environment for the use of 5G.

According to Chen, this is just mere “politics”, as no country was able to give any evidence of misdeeds against Huawei. During this conversation, Chen added that there is no logic for India to deny Huawei from conducting the 5G trials in India. If India does not allow Huawei, India would miss the benifits of innovation of 5G in this country.

“I hope India will have its own judgement,” Chen said. Finally, he added a lighter vein that 5G without Huawei could be what India would be without cricket.

5G technology will offer users 20 Gbits/second data transfer speed(peak) which is much much more than the peak download speed of 4G LTE i.e. 100Mbits/second.


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