Airtel 4G Offering Fastest Netwok Speed in India

Airtel Offers Fastest 4G Network Speed in India: Claimed by A Report

According to a report published by Tutela, Airtel has the fastest 4G download speeds in India. While on the other hand Reliance Jio offers the most reliable experience for apps like WhatsApp. The report claims to have examined the quality of mobile networks for use cases that the customers expect.

What do the reports from Tutela say

As per the report, Jio offers the most consistent quality and suitable connection for popular mobile apps. The consistency is as high as 96% compared to other telecom providers.

On the other hand, fares better in demand based use cases i.e. mainly content download and uploading. In customer experience, Airtel(48%) is ahead of Jio(46%). According to the report though  Airtel’s 4G network is the fastest in India; while Airtel’s 3G network is slower than its competitors. On the contrary, the download speed of Jio 4G is the slowest among the 4G only networks.

In terms of upload speed Idea and Vodafone had the best 4G upload speeds of 4.7Mbps and 4.5Mbps. While Reliance Jio has an average upload speed of 3.8 Mbps.

What we find in TRAI’s Report of January

On the other hand, according to the TRAI report; Reliance-Jio is the fastest 4G operator in 2018 with highest average download speed for the last 13 months. In terms of upload speeds Idea has been the best. From October to December the upload speed of Idea has decreased. In the month of January as per TRAI’s report upload speed of Idea was 5.8 Mbps and Vodafone was 5.4 Mbps. Jio has an upload speed of 4.4 Mbps and Airtel has 3.8 Mbps.

TRAI computes average speed based on the data it collects across the country with the help of MySpeed app on a real-time basis.


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