The Revolutionary New 5G, Foldable Smart Devices

The 2019 Mobile World Congress (MWC) is taking place in Barcelona in the coming week. And the 5G Foldable smart devices will be the main attraction of the event.

The Upcoming Era of the 5G, Foldable Smart Devices

As per the views of Thomas Husson, the Vice President, and Principal Analyst at Forrester; which is a global market research firm; the showcasing of the 5G and Foldable smart devices will surely create a profound impact over the 2019 Mobile World Congress.

Thomas Husson mentioned in his speech at IANS that, “There is no denying that 5G is the infrastructure of the connected world; and precisely the reason why it is at the center of the economic and political war between the US and China. However, the reality is that it will take another 5-7 years before it reaches critical mass among consumers in most countries”.

Husson further added to his speech that “While we hear about the first 5G smartphone; the challenge is to simultaneously roll-out the infrastructure and it will take time. Especially in Europe where a spectrum allocation remains a mess at a country level“.

Telecommunication companies from around the world will be showcasing all their innovative technologies at the Mobile World Congress (MWC);

MWC 2019 is hosted from 24TH February to 28TH February

Thomas Husson also added to his speech, “It is likely that top smartphone brands will claim to have reinvented smartphone design. However, it will take longer for these foldable screens to reinvent the smartphone category and deliver differentiated experiences”.

It is believed that the foldable smartphones will form a bridge between smartphones, tablets, and laptops; gradually paving the way to the next level of communication.

Paul Miller, the Senior Analyst at Forrester; mentioned that “Early Experiments in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have matured; we will see tangible proofs points of real value at the MWC“.

He further added saying that ” Endless pilots and proofs of concepts in IoT are also maturing; reaching beyond the operational teams where they began into the mainstream business; where they simplify existing processes and open the door to new service-based business models.”


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