How to Download and Play Emuparadise Games

Do you still love and miss playing video games we played in our childhood? Well, I miss them a lot. I search a lot of retro games that can be played on PC. But, the results are most of the times disappointing. Either the games aren’t available or I don’t have the specific machine the game would run on. And more than half of the times those games are too costly. Though you can find a lot of Emulation and game download sites out there, nothing stands quite as tall as Emuparadise. The Website was started way back in 2000 and since then it has been able to gain a large community of gamers. Emuparadise has one the largest database of retro games for gamers like us. The website is supported by a large community of contributors who work to get games ported on to your platform.

Emuparadise provides a large collection of ROMs, ISOs, emulators, guides and much more. The collection is so vast that you will find yourself lost once you enter into the world of retro games on the website. This website has all the games ranging from Play Stations to N64. Well, you must be wondering how can you play games designed for other machines on your PC? Don’t worry we have the whole article lined up for you which will help to do all the setup and get your games working. If you are not understanding any of these don’t take any stress, we are going to explain every bit of it. So let’s get started.

What is Emuparadise?


Emuparadise is a website which contains a large collection of retro video games, Guides, Music and much more. It serves as an all in one platform which provides you with the games along with the guides on how to install and play them on your PC. The website offers you games in different formats like ISOs, ROMs, ZIPs etc. You can download these file from Emuparadise and then follow further steps in this article to get the games up and running on your PC.

What are ROMs and ISOs?


These are basically the images of actual games that have been modified in a format that your machine understands. The process of getting a game designed for a specific machine and making some changes to it so that it can be run on different machines is quite complex. But due to a large community of contributing developers, there are more than 100,000 games available on Emuparadise.

Follow this link to download some!

How do I run these games on my machine?


Well, there is not much rocket science involved in it. In order to be able to run these ISOs, ROMs on your machine you need a program that can enable your computer to behave like some other computer system. These programs are called emulators. Emulators are specially programmed to run on an operating system and understand the instructions from the game. Before starting, make sure you have the right emulator for your game.

How do I choose an emulator for my machine?


There are different emulators available nowadays which can run games designed for different machines. Here are the steps to get started with choosing an emulator:

  1. Different operating systems have different packages of Emulators. Choose your operating system and follow on with the emulators available for your OS.
  2. You can find on the website the best emulators for different ISOs, ROMs etc. The info can be found right on the page from where you downloaded your ROM.
  3. Different type of games require different emulators. Before downloading an emulator, make sure you have selected appropriate console emulator for the type of your game ROM.
  4. Emuparadise offers an option to “Pick an Emulator“. Clicking on this option gives a list of emulators sorted by Operating systems. These are ranked according to the number of votes they have got from other users. You can download the emulator which suits and matches your requirements of playing a game.

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How do I get my ROM/ISO from the downloaded package?

Emuparadise lets you download the game packages bundled in different formats like zip, rar etc. Most of the emulators don’t have the ability to read directly from such formats. So the best practice is to always uncompress the files by using a program to unbundle the files. The process simply requires you to extract the contents from the download zips etc. to some location on your machine. You can find a compatible program to extract the files from your downloaded file. And then using the program simply extract the files on your machine.

How do I run my downloaded ISO/ROM?

Now we expect the above step is complete and you have the ISO of your game extracted with you. Simply fire up your emulator you downloaded to run this game. You will find an option to run or open a ROM on your Emulator’s dashboard. Click on the option and choose your ROM. Click the option to run the game and you are good to go!

Being able to play all those games from childhood is much fun. Emuparadise is heaven for retro gamers. This is one of the reasons the website is still going strong and has such a large community. The website provides all the information at one place. You can download your game and from the same page find a program which will run that game from you. Most of the games have detailed guides available which will help you walk through the process of running that game. I love Emuparadise for all the collection it has to offer. You can fire up your games without searching for ROMs on the web or emulators to get them running.

You can follow the website here!

Well, this is about it you will need to set up an Emuparadise game on your PC. We hope you like the content and get to relive those childhood gaming moments once again. Do let us know in the comments about your favourite childhood games.

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