Hey Siri needs Imporvement: Apple Working

“Hey Siri…” is Problematic and Apple Knows It

Despite having a headstart against other voice assistants – Apple’s voice assistant Siri is not on par compared to other voice assistants. Amazon’s Alexa has grown in popularity since its release and Google Assistant is a million miles ahead than “Hey Siri...”. However, recently Apple has posted a job listing where they are looking for a program manager to make Siri better.

Job Posting For Apple regarding Siri

According to the job listing the Siri, the team is looking for an “organized, thoughtful and drivenprogram manager. The program manager will contribute to two key areas- Developing and leading a program to analyze where Siri has the most customer impact and where Siri needs to develop. This will need the project manager to thoroughly analyze social media posts regarding Siri.

The first part of that listing says that Apple wants to know from the users about Siri’s Backlog. In other words, Apple is looking for feedback from users to make Siri better by fixing the issues and backlogs of Siri.

The second part of the listing tells the program manager needs to work with the Siri engineer support and mentorship to ensure the accuracy success of Apple marketing campaign, press events, product announcement, product launches and all.

As I have said earlier ‘hey Siri’ is a bit less smart than its competitors like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. It is nice to see that Apple is embracing their flaws and working to make Siri better. It is reported that Siri division has a very low impact on Apple’s Leadership changes. There were previous attempts to make Siri better. But they had a little impact. Let’s see what changes does Siri get this time.


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