Existence of Facebook Questioned by Tim Cook

Tim Cook Questioning ‘Existence’ of Facebook

The CEO’s of the two biggest tech companies in the World is not in a great relationship right now. Yes, I’m talking about Apple’s CEO Tim Cook and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Their feud is quite justified as on one hand, Apple is well known for protecting the privacy of users, while on the other hand Facebook is accused many times of the issues in their privacy policy. Before diving deeper into this feud let’s have a look at what Tim Cook said questioning the existence of Facebook.

What did Tim Cook Say

Without mentioning any names CEO of Apple pulled a punch on Facebook. The summary of Tim Cook’s words is that it is offensive for Apple that someone has built an enormous, detailed profile of users and also used it. He did not stop there and went furthur to say that “it should not exsist”. If someone still does not think that Tim said all these targetting Facebook than let me tell you what else did Tim Cook said. Tim Cook said that “we don’t have to look very far”.

Tim vs. Mark – the history of their feud

Now let’s have a look at the history of the fight between facebook and Apple. Their fude started way back in 2014 when in an interview Cook said that if an online service is free then that implies that you are not the customer but the product. This was a big blow towards facebook. When Zuckerberg was asked about this he attaced the aggressive pricing of Apple products.

Recently when the incident of Cambridge Analytica happened journalists asked Cook what would have he done in that situation. To which Cook replied that he would first of all never be in that situation. Not only that he also added that facebook should have “self-regulated” itself. This ignited Zukerberg and he said these comments “glib”.


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