Google Maps Update : Speed Trap and Accident Reporting Feature

The latest update has taken place in one of the most demanding apps among the people of the whole world- Google Maps. Perhaps there is no such smartphone which by default is not being installed by this extremely helpful app. Recently, some users of this app residing in the USA reported; that they came over a sudden new change in their Google maps application; which displayed a feature like “speed limit and speed cameras”. But here it does not end. Google maps has further reported for another updated version very soon.

Google maps updated version: speed trap and accident reporting feature

It is not worth saying how much Google Maps application has gained the position of necessity in everybody’s life. People staying in big cities or travelling to far away places by riding a two-wheeler or driving four-wheeler; need a complete track of the route which helps to reach their destinations faster. Google Maps had already provided the benefit by its direction tracking system earlier. But now, for further safety and issues and time-saving intentions; Google Maps has come up with a new feature named speed trap and accident reporting; where the users can instantly track whether any kind of accident has taken place in his route. Depending on this, he can easily shift to another route which will help him to reach faster with the help of Google Maps.

Android is the first O/S to get supported by  this update

The official updated version of Google maps recently revealed its first operations in the Android O/S initially. As a result, this facility of speed trap or accident reporting feature is not available in iOS. The presence of a speed camera icon tracks the current condition of the route reporting for accidents or heavy congestion; hereby intimidating the users to track the trap. The update option in the Play Store is still not visible but is reported to launch soon.

This latest update of Google Maps is ruling over the whole world including India. Now it is believed that people can now reach their destinations safely; without any kind of trouble and also within a short span of time.


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