Coursera is Trying to Bridge the Education Gap in India | GSI 2019

Coursera announced the launch of over 10,000 new scholarships to educate and implement
knowledge into the children about the critical skills. Coursera, an online learning platform, released Global Skills Index:2019 (GSI), which is their inaugural global skills benchmarking report for the year 2019.

What’s in the GSI 2019?

The report displays data associated with skills and technical performance; covering over 60 countries and over 10 industries from data science, technology, and business sectors. In India, there’s a gap present between the learners and the knowledge; which leads to division of knowledge. To bridge that knowledge gap, Coursera has launched over 10,000 new scholarships covering fields like data science, technology, business etc for the aspiring Indian learners.

The Huge Database of Coursera

The courses are made in accordance with the lagging and the emerging skills in India; which are displayed in the Global Skills Index 2019. The learners can select from a wide range of critical skills; which will help them to flourish in their career. Coursera showcases its database as the largest database for skills and performance; comprising over 39 million online learners and over 3000 courses from some of the finest and top Universities and Business Sectors around the Globe.

The Global Skills Index uses the actual Coursera learner data, and in turn provide chalk out a plan to the companies and business sectors. Which they can later use for designing a workforce transformation strategy; highlighting the skill strengths as well as helps in eliminating the weaknesses.

In the reports made in the Global Skills Index 2019; Coursera highlighted all the global and local skill performances for Asia-Pacific countries, including India as well. The GSI highlighted that almost 90% of the developing economies are failing or is on the verge of failing in the critical skills sectors. Same goes for India as well which ranks 50 in the Business sector; 44 in the Technology Sector and 51 in Data Science Sector; and is lagging in all the there sectors.

India ranks 9th regionally!

Moreover, India is lagging regionally amongst the 16 Asia-Pacific Countries mentioned in the report. The GSI 2019 highlighted India’s strengths and potential in the three do the mains. The reports also highlighted India’s strengths in Data Science, especially in Mathematics.


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