Crew Dragon Spacecraft Falcon 9 | Launched Successfully

Last Friday, i.e. 4th January demonstrated the appearance of a mission at the Kennedy Space Center when The SpaceX hardware installed the launch of a Crew Dragon spacecraft which is named as Falcon 9. This top mated brand Crew Dragon Spacecraft undergone through a lot of preparation and tests and was finally successful in rolling horizontally out to pad 39A sometime before 10 o’clock in the Friday morning.

Before launching, Falcon 9 was required to perform every test and checkings. The overall checkups were done by the SpaceX expert teams so that there could be no performance or hardware errors. As this was one of the most high-profile missions for this year. The SpaceX team even took the help from NASA for various hardware equipment and visible tests. The preparation for this mission was being started since the year 2012. And finally, Falcon 9 has been located fully vertical at the pad by evening 5:30 on Friday.

This grand mission by SpaceX joined their hands with NASA; where two astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken made their walkaway to board the Crew Dargin Spacecraft on Friday for a maiden voyage.

The successful launch back of the Spacecraft is expected in June.

Falcon 9 is again a grand mission after a long time since a space shuttle program was launched in 2011 by NASA from the U.S.A. The SpaceX Crew Dragon Spacecraft is also an outcome of a large workforce by the NASA team; where the majority of the designs tests have been initiated and performed by NASA. But, it is still a great initiative by the SpaceX team to undergo through such a high-profile initiative and make it real.

After this massive success of Falcon 9, the next mission is again being planned for Commercial Crew Spacecraft; where SpaceX is making a contract with Boeing. Initially, it is going to be an uncrewed demonstration on the success of which; the crewed presentation will take place with astronauts walk away.


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