AMD Vega II Might Be One of the Wonders of CES 2019

AMD Vega II, Everything We Know About It

AMD had an amazing year in 2018, and they are probably going to start their 2019 journey with the release of their Vega II GPU. AMD’s Vega II is probably going to be the first GPU to be built on a 7nm process.

It’s been a long time since AMD released their latest graphics card, and the release of Vega II might put them right back on track against their rival Nvidia.

AMD Vega II’s release date still remains a mystery. There are plenty of leaks on the allies of the internet regarding this graphics card. But none of them is reliable and to the point.

AMD built the original lineup of Vega graphics cards on a 14nm process. AMD announced their original Vega graphics cards in CES 2017 and did not release them publically till August of that year. Now after two years we are likely to have the first reveal of Vega II on CES 2019, and release of the graphics card around similar timings like original Vega graphics card.


There are plenty of points which confirm the release of Vega II in CES 2019. In CES 2019 AMD is going to have a keynote. AMD has also recently applied for a trademark for a new logo which might be Vega II logo. These events strongly hint the upcoming announcement of Vega II.

Vega II Pricing:-

The Pricing of Vega II is a bigger mystery than its release date. From the pricing of AMD’s latest Radeon RX Vega 64(US$499) and Vega 56(US$399) it can be predicted that the price of Vega II will be reasonable. AMD will surely follow their motto of giving best performance at a reasonable price.

Vega II Specs:-

The biggest specification of Vega II is its shift from 14nm process to 7nm process. This would allow AMD to pack more power in lesser space. Alike AMD is 32-core Threadripper processor AMD might try to deliver more cores at a lesser price. But will these many cores be worth it? Or will they include more cores? We can know that only after release.


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