Battle of The Fitness Trackers: Motiv Ring vs. Oura Ring

Want a fitness tracker but can’t decide whether to buy a fitness ring such as Motive Ring/Oura Ring or else to go with a fitness tracker band? In this fashionable era where technology has a great impact on fashion, fitness rings are in more demand than fitness bands. Wearable smart rings are just perfect for those who do not want a fitness band to cramp their style.

Since fitness ring is trendier, it’s obvious that you might be in confusion thinking which one to buy: a motive ring or an oura ring? We are here to help you by providing a detailed comparative content on these two smart rings so that you can see which one comes out best on various aspects and you should go with which fitness tracker.

Motiv Ring: Concept and Feature

With amazing features like heart sensor, long-lasting battery life, accelerometer and Bluetooth, motiv ring is an absolute wearable smart ring fitness tracker available in fitness gadget markets.

The concept of motiv ring is very simple. It is designed to provide you a better sleep, to track your steps and the amount of calories burned without the need of wearing a huge fitness device on your wrist 24/7. You cannot wear any other watch of your choice if you are wearing a fitness band.

To provide you a stylish look and to make you free from your conventional fitness band, motiv ring is designed. This smart ring is a water resistant device. It supports iOS and is compatible with number of android flagship phones like Samsung Galaxy S Series, Google Pixel, etc.

One of the biggest USP of motiv ring is the comfort it provides. The design is sleek, just 8mm wide and comes in two color variants: rose gold and slate grey and is available in 7 different sizes. It is a great combination of technology and creativity where lithium-ion battery is used and gets charged fully in 90 minutes.

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Motive Ring Features at a glance-

  • Small sized fitness tracker
  • Durable and water resistant up to 50m
  • Sleek design
  • Accurate sleep detection
  • Detects activity impressively

Oura Ring: Concept and Feature

Oura ring is basically designed to provide you a better sleep. The main focus of this smart ring is improving the quality of sleep in humans. As better sleep is important to improve the work performance, oura rings are made purposely to provide you an improved and better sleep. It improves your focus and brings more clarity to your overall performance.

It comes with features like infrared optical pulse measurement system, gyroscope, 3D accelerometer and body temperature sensor. The metal used in manufacturing this smart ring tracker is titanium (same metal is used in motiv ring too) and diamond-like carbon coating.

Battery backup is for 7 days and comes with fast charging with wireless charging facility. The ring is compatible with iOS and Android and has an in-built feature of adding notes, tags and trends. It comes with Bluetooth connectivity to connect and sync your mobile devices and has Plus Ring airplane mode. It weighs around 4-6 grams and is available in 8 different sizes.

Oura Ring Feature at a glance-

  • Advanced sensors
  • Durable and water resistant up to 100 m
  • Long Battery life
  • Controls connectivity
  • Collects data autonomously


Now with this detailed comparative content, your doubts must have been cleared regarding these smart fitness rings. Oura ring is best for those who want to track their sleeping hours so that they can improve their work efficiency and motiv ring is more for those who want to track their calories unit, steps they have taken in a whole day along with the sleeping record.

Before purchasing any of these rings, firstly, visit their official website, know the product specification and detailed structure, go through customers product review and see what are their opinion and suggestion regarding the usage of these two rings. Do your initial product research and then purchase the one which will actually satisfy your need.

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