The Coolest News For Music Enthusiast | YouTube Music Debut in India

Wonderful news for all the music enthusiast in India. YouTube launched YouTube Music, which will be available both; as a separate application as well as equipped with the original YouTube app.

The users can download YouTube Music app from PlayStore, App Store and even from the web. The users can also access it from the original YouTube app by clicking on the Music tab. YouTube Music features official songs, artists and several other playlists; which includes radio artists, YouTube remixes, live performances, covers, mashups etc.

What separates YouTube Music from the other music apps is its strong personalization capacity.

The music lovers can access all the music from YouTube Music for free. However, the user can also access the YouTube Premium Music by paying Rs 99 per month; which will make YouTube Music ad-free.

With the premium version, the user can play music in the background, download music; and even play videos in the background while using any other application.

YouTube Music has been well decorated based on the music taste of India; and it features old Indian songs, new releases, international hits, and many such categories.

Lyor Cohen, the global head of Music, YouTube Music; while launching YouTube Music in India mentioned that “India is where the multi-lingual music sense thrives. It’s interesting to note – how Indian artists have consistently claimed top spots; over the last few months in the Global YouTube Top Artists chart. With YouTube Music, we are hoping to bring the best in global and Indian music to millions of fans across India; and give them an immersive music experience, with the magic of music on YouTube”.

T.J Fower, the Director of Product Management, Music Products, YouTube mentioned in his speech that “We know that India loves watching music videos on YouTube, be it the vibrancy choreography, stars, and glamour. Music from India has always been so much more than just audio. Therefore for us, with the launch of YouTube Music, all the emphasis is on the familiar and to make every user experience richer as they start using the service. From recommended music videos, live performances, covers to new videos, it’s all here and only here”.

YouTube Music will provide updated songs based on the playback history. The paid users will also get access to an Offline Mixtape based on their playback history.

YouTube Music is providing its Premium services to Indian music lovers at Rs 129/month; which gives the users access to YouTube Music Premium without any ad, background playback, and download, as well as access to all the YouTube Original videos.


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