Windows Redstone 5 might add a “Switch to S Mode”

Earlier Microsoft launched a version of Windows focused on security, the Windows S. The desktop OS was designed to lock down several actions that might involve security risks. The S version of windows would run only verified apps from the Windows 10 Store. The S version of Windows focuses solely on security and is less prone to performance degradation over time. Earlier the S version of Windows was launched as a separate variant of the OS. But later Microsoft changed it into a simple mode.

The machine which came with Windows S as the primary OS, allowed users to switch to standard Windows. The catch here is the button is a one-way switch to the standard variant. Once you have activated the option there is no going back. But according to recent news and rumours, the upcoming version of Windows might change this. The latest test build of Windows (Windows 10 Redstone 5) includes the option to switch. According to some sources on the web, Windows 10 will have a “Switch to S mode” option in Windows Settings app. As of now, the feature hasn’t been completely implemented, but an option pops up in the latest build of Windows 10.

The feature might allow users to switch back and forth between standard and S mode. This way you can install drivers, apps which are not available on the Windows Store. After installing you can switch back to the S mode to take care of the apps installed. The idea of being secure running Windows in its full feature mode is wonderful in itself. This would really be a nice add-on to the standard version of Windows. However, the feature might not even see the light of day. This “Switch” feature can possibly end up being the bag because it somewhat kills the idea of Windows S.


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