Whatsapp Security Update: IN-Built Screen Lock on iOS Devices

New Security Features in Whatsapp on Apple iPhone and iPad

Whatsapp, probably one of the most popular chatting app, has finally brought some in-built app lock system to access chats. This feature has already rolled out for the iOS version of Whatsapp. That means iPhone and iPad users can use Face ID or Touch ID to lock their Whatsapp. Though it is quite unsure when Android users will get these new features intended for Whatsapp Security.

How does this lock screen work?

When the lock of a phone is turned on the iOS app of Whatsapp now asks for Touch ID or Face ID authentication to open up the app. With this new feature, you can now easily hand over your phone to your friends without any worry that they will read all your private chats. This feature comes in handy as people are tending to have a lot of personal information in Whatsapp chats.

Interestingly there is no password, PIN or pattern lock option in this new feature. That means users need to rely on their biometrics to secure Whatsapp. However, this feature does not lock the notifications. That means you need to go to the settings and manually need to turn off notifications for Whatsapp to get a bit of extra security.

How to activate this lock

To activate this lock in iOS devices you need to first make sure Whatsapp is updated to its latest version. Once you have the latest version of Whatsapp you can head to Settings -> Account -> Privacy and can select screen lock. In this similar manner, you can also set up lock time and other settings regarding this lock on Whatsapp.

While this new feature has already rolled out for iOS devices we are not sure when we are going to be getting these new features in our Android devices. Maybe this is delaying due to the variety of hardware, manufacturers, and customization of base android by the manufacturers.


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