Application to Turn Strangers into Perfect Instagram Boyfriends

Are you tired of your photos not being up to your expectations? Do you want to make every captured pic with your Instagram boyfriends memorable and perfect?

Then presenting to you SOVS– which stands for SomeOne Very Special. It is a playful Korean application that allows you to show the people about the ways you want your picture to be captured.

The interface of the application is straightforward. It displays white outlines of various poses. You can select varieties of poses from the menu and then hand over the phone to the photographer; who will direct you to superimpose the avatar over you. This is very similar to an outline made in a crime scene. The app allows you to select between a square or 3:4 ratio shot. ItĀ also lets you adjust the size of the outlines and replace them according to your liking. You can also choose whether the outlines will appear in the captured pic or just be used as a guide and then vanish once the image is captured. To get more engagement on your account you can now buy likes as well.

Instagram Boyfriends for IOS Users!

The application is available in two versions- SOVS and SOVS2; both of which are iOS based only. The SOVS has a price tag of about 99 cents and is useful for a solo shot. The SOVS2 has free of cost features- many innovative outlines of poses for group photos. The app also consists of many in-app purchases for some extra daring poses.

SOVS application earned the top position in the PhotoApp category in South Korea; when it was released and is still ruling the list. This application offers a simple solution to very common problems of photography; instead of just over-filtering the daylights settings out of our face.

This application helps even those people who do not have steady hands to capture perfect pictures. Now all your photos will be just the way you want them to be.

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