Zhilabs Acquired By Samsung to Enhance 5G Services

Samsung Buys AI Tech Firm Zhilabs

samsung acquires zhilabs

The technological giant Samsung Electronics announced the acquisition, for an unspecified amount, of the Spanish software company Zhilabs with the aim of boosting the 5G services it will offer in the future.

The South Korean company anticipates that the purchase of Zhilabs will improve its automation capabilities through artificial intelligence (AI) and network analysis, as detailed in a statement. These elements are key to the services provided by the fifth generation network for mobile devices, such as the so-called Internet of Things (IoT) or semi-automatic or semi-automatic driving of vehicles.

AI-based automation will play a central role in introducing new services in the 5G era, such as the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) and connected cars, as operators will need solutions Automated and network analysis beyond what was possible in previous generations, says the Korean giant.

“The acquisition of Zhilabs will help Samsung address these needs to ensure that each subscriber receives the best possible service,” said Youngky Kim, director of the network branch of Samsung Electronics.

Artificial intelligence for 5G networks

Multimedia streaming with VR in high quality, networked vehicles that communicate with each other, with the Internet or with traffic systems and a variety of products of the IoT: The mobile network of tomorrow will have to withstand high loads. Samsung is investing $ 22 billion to prepare for the Internet of Things, autonomous driving and 5G-based applications.

The letter states that Zhilabs will remain under full ownership under the signed agreement, but will “operate independently under its own management team.”

Joan Raventos, CEO of the acquired company said that “5G technology will enhance the communications landscape, but it will only succeed if the quality of the networks that transmit the information can be analyzed and optimized for the best possible experience,”.

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