5 Great Photo-editing Apps to capture the Perfect ‘Selfie’

We live in the age of selfies, where every 13-year old is happily seen snapping pictures of himself, unapologetic in his manner, from the front camera of his Smartphone.  People are now leading ‘virtual lives’ and are making continued efforts to make their ‘virtual-self’ stand out. People are so crazy about ‘selfies’ that even the word was added in the dictionary and was later declared Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year in 2013.

The craze remains unabated and is only going to increase as more and more people join social media and share their pictures via Smartphones.


However, taking a selfie is not enough(ha anyone can do that); people have gone the next step by using myriad editing apps that enhance their picture and help them attain that ‘perfect’ selfie. Here’s a list of some of the must-have apps if you are a selfie Lover.

PrismaPrisma logo

This app adds awesome effects to your selfies which you can easily post on social media. The app was first launched on iOS and later turned a rage because of its picturesque hand-sketching like edits. One click a selfie from the front or rear camera and select a filter of their choice. The user can choose form a total of 36 filters. What makes this app better than the rest is the fact that it does not simply overlap the effects on the image, rather it creates the image from scratch using its unique AI technology.

Availability: Android and iOS

YouCam Perfect App

YouCam Perfect App logo

Clicking that oh-so-perfect selfie is a struggle and we have all been there. When you finally capture that perfect shot, only to see it ruined by something in the background(probably some annoying dude who is photobombing). If that’s the case, then YOUCAM PERFECT is the app for you. With a bunch of clicks and you can remove any disturbances from background. Also, the app beautifies the image as soon as you click a picture.

Availabilty: Android and iOS


Frontback logo

You are faced with the most beautiful sight you have ever seen, but then you get the urge to take a selfie. However, you want that amazing landscape in the background? No worries this app has got you covered proper. This app lets you take selfies from the rear camera while it simultaneously takes a picture from the front camera. The final image is you and that beautiful spot glaring at you in all its glory.

Availability: Android and iOS

Candy Camera

Candy Camera app logo


This app is the king of all photo-editing apps out there, simple because it is packed with amazing effects. The user can choose from 100 odd filters and effects. Apart from this, the user can perform beauty enhancements to his/her selfie and stickers and whatnot. The app has the ability to convert even the most unflattering of pictures into a work of art. The app does not have much requirements and runs smoothly on a phone that has just 1-Gigabit of RAM.

Availability: Android and iOS


Snapseed app logo

This app is not simply made for selfies mind you( although you can still take them if you want to), No this app allows you to do so much more. The app packs in a host of tools that provides amazing control over your image. It provides 25 tools alone, along with other effects such as – HDR, crop(upto 8 size ratios), white balance, perspective, selective brush, and many more.

Availabilty: Android and  iOS

So what are waiting for? start clicking away those amazing selfies with any of these apps!

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