Now Learn Programming in Your Own Mothertong!

With India providing more than half of the programmers and developers to the world, it is only obvious that English shouldn’t remain a barrier anymore. However, not much has been done to support the native non-English speakers and help them build coding capabilities in their native languages. As much as this field remains untouched, the age-old adage of Necessity being the mother of invention holds true too. Probably this necessity of catering to the native speaking but the talented populace of the country gave birth to Mothertong.

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In a country like India where thousands of languages and local dialects are spoken, it isn’t uncommon to find people who aren’t as proficient in English. The same gets extended to almost all possible business verticals. Be it excelling in your chosen field, switching from one work field to another, or even going for higher studies, English, if not learned, becomes a great barrier to cross.

One cannot blame others for this as well given how English has advanced fast and made its way into all the possible progressive business domains. The entire digital domain, which now helps bring people closer and makes the work easier, stands testimony to that. All the programming languages, no matter how old they are, are based on English. The reason could partly be that most of the early developers or inventors were English speakers. However, the scenario has changed now.

We will discuss how Mothertong started, but before that, let us look at the benefits of learning programming in your native language.

Benefits of Learning in Your Language

One major factor which gives an edge to a lot of English speaking programmers is the fact that they speak English. Needless to say that their ability to relate to the language and its nuances is way higher than a non-English speaker. Imagine if the same could be replicated in one’s own language. Wouldn’t that make the entire learning process easier and more retentive? Well, Mothertong focuses on just that. 

While this was just one, there are other benefits too which learning programming in the native language can have for a user. Let us look at some major ones below:

You can grasp easily because it is your native language

Precisely what we mentioned above. Everyone has grown up listening to their mother tongue. You know its nuances and you know all the probable modifications you can do to it to make something new out of it. You can easily invent new things or create workarounds to get the stuff done. Needless to say, the same applies to learn programming languages as well.

What all languages you can learn coding on Mothertong? 

  • Tamizh (தமிழ்)
  • Hindi (हिन्दी)
  • Kannada (ಕನ್ನಡ)
  • Telugu (తెలుగు)
  • Bengali (বাংলা)
Mothertong languages

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You can start learning immediately 

Without having to wait for learning the other language first! It isn’t surprising that a lot of people have to take English coaching first before they can start learning to program. It is as if you think or decide today that you will take up a certain programming course, you will have to give away a minimum of 3 months to learn English before. That is literally 3 months of your precious time wasted. However, if you have to learn in your native language, you can start immediately, just after you decide!

It can help you explore local talent

This one is more of an opportunity for businesses. The local talent usually comes in less expensive as compared to the global ones. However, that does not mean that their capabilities are any less. Businesses can thus cut down significantly on their development costs and offer competitive pricings because they have equally talented locals doing the job

You can create hyperlocal products 

And do an effective hyperlocal targeting too! Nobody knows the local market better than the locals. Even the mightly Amazon had to hire Indians in bulk in their marketing team to ensure that they got a grasp of the local people. Needless to say that with the local talent in the team, the IT firms will be able to develop hyperlocal products without wasting a lot of money on market research.

Understanding how Mothertong Works

Having explained the multiple benefits at the offer, let us take an example to understand how the Mothertong concept works. The process is pretty simple but let us explain it step-wise!

  • You have to login first, the good part is that all the instructions come in your native language, so it is easier for you to proceed
  • Once logged in, you can try out a free plan for a week or you can straight away go with the affordable paid version and start your training.
  • While the training is very exhaustive, the two things that set it apart are the usage of Videos with live training as well as the Puzzle Section.
  • The Videos can be played in English as well as the regional languages. Hence, you do not really have to know English only to understand. Just switch the videos on like your typical television program and start learning.
  • The videos are interactive and based on real-life situations. This improves the overall relatability for the candidates and hence increases the retention rate.

Test your Knowledge

Now, once all the information has been imparted, how does one test? And should there be a test or should this testing be a part of the learning process only?

Well, this is where the puzzles and practice problems come in.

To make sure that the learning is maintained as a fun activity, puzzles are included in between the sessions. The entire puzzle exercise becomes a comprehensive activity that helps one co-relate multiple aspects learned during the programming process.

This helps the candidate in learning and remembering not just the concepts but also their relevance and practical usage on the whole. A snapshot of the puzzle section is given below!

Finally, it is also important to remember things in silos. It is important that everything is well embedded in the memory so that the relation could be made later. Hence, a dedicated section for practice problems has also been included. A snapshot of the practice problem section is given below:


The puzzles and the practice problems combined to make sure that the learning is holistic, and the retention is forever.


While we have focussed on the importance yet, it goes without doubt that you will have to learn English or a common coding language because others in your team might not understand your native language, but that shouldn’t stop you from learning. Plus, if you want to settle and work in your native area only, it will be easier for you to engage with the local talent. So, start learning right away, and if you want to go Global, learn the common language too.


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