How Log2Base2 Helps in Learning Complex Programming Concepts via Visualization

It is pretty common, how we have been, ever since we were kids, been told about picturizing things to understand and learn them better! It has been always easier to remember a clown when we knew how it looked like. Another example from our daily life would be how we remember people by their faces but end up forgetting their names or other verbally discussed details!

Why does this happen, though? Why is our response to a visual stimulus stronger and is retained longer? What makes such a response possible? And finally, can this concept of visual recognition and learning be extrapolated for commercial benefits?

This article explores all these questions and a bit more!

Understanding How the brain works

Well, the brain processes image 60,000 times faster than text. For that matter, it recognizes text as images too! So, as you are reading this, your brain is recognizing each of the alphabets as an image and then processing them to understand what they sound like. This processing takes time, and this is the reason as to why, when you are just eyeing things, your speed of reading is faster than when you are speaking and reading it!

Extension of the Concept for Effective Learning

Now that we have established how visual stimulus has higher retention let us explore the domains of its commercial extension. One major would be the education sector. Remember, how you, as a child used to learn a lot just by reading it in your brain! Every time you close your eyes, scenes flashed. If the brain wasn’t able to put that on paper, that was a processing issue but remembrance- well, that was flawless!

Now, for all the budding programmers out there, how would you feel if somebody told you that you could learn to program visually too? That instead of cramming up all the commands, your brain could be nurtured into relating them with real-life events, visually stimulated on the screen so that the retention increases?

The learning process for an average programming language that took years of practice before mastering it got shortened to months because the retention improved! Studies done by researchers have shown that such visual learning improves the performance of programmers by up to 60%!

Can you imagine that!!

Sounds exciting, right! Let us now look at how Log2Base2 is enabling the same.

The Idea(s) Behind Log2Base2

Well, it is for this reason that Log2Base2 was born! India is a country which, if we talk commodity wise has “intellectual capital” as one of its major exports. It isn’t uncommon to find the big4s of the programming world having a significant proportion of their workforce as Indians. Needless to say, the pressure to excel in the field is immense in the country. At Log2Base2, we try to ease that out!

Let us Understand it over three major points:

  • Usage of Animation Videos to explain the Code: The videos, unlike any standard animation tutorial, will explain each code line by line and element by element. This means that all the concepts will be explained well in detail and the focus will not just that you get an understanding. Rather, the focus will be that everything is retained well after the lesson ends. Hence, each line is explained, just like it would be done in a live class to ensure that the student knows what they are writing down when taking notes.
    Animation sample

  • Connection with Real-Life Events: As we had mentioned earlier, everything which gets related to a life event gets retained more. The same applies to programming too. Imagine how a c-out is related to you going out of the door while a c-in is all about you coming in and starting up. While it may seem simplistic in this blog, when the same is woven in a story and explained in the course of a chapter, things get perspective and start making more sense. Thus, learning becomes engaging and more retentive.

    call by value vs call by reference
  • Live hands-on experience: During the course of the training, one can experience a live classroom session because our experts are there to help the candidates with their questions and clarify the doubts right there. This is usually something that the founders felt was missing across all video tutorial firms and hence they made sure that the same was incorporated in Log2Base2’s programs.
    Compile and Run

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And a Few Final Words to Summarize

The idea behind learning everything or anything at Log2Base2 is simple. It is that you get to have everything programming at your fingertips. 

The process of achieving this result is simple! You have the code explained line by line using animation videos.

Now, to better enhance your experience and to increase retention, these animated videos are about the events that happen in your daily life. Such relatability helps you the programming functions anywhere and everywhere. The result is that you remember it really well!

And finally, it all happens in real-time- totally live! So, even when you are home and attending a session, you literally just need to press a button and the instructor will help you with your concern right there!

So, you see how the team at Log2Base2 has ensured that not just you learn but also retain all that you have learned! Isn’t that a Good Teacher 🙂

Check out our testimonials section to see how so many budding programmers have benefitted from our courses, and to make it all work for you too, sign up for a free trial here!


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