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Instagram Presence is a MUST to Grow Your Business

Instagram is undoubtedly one of the most popular social media channels around the world. Since Facebook purchased the platform in 2012, its growth has been explosive, creating a new industry in the process. It enables us to benefit from the opportunities of visuality. Regardless of the size of their business, marketers and digital agencies are widely incorporating Instagram into their marketing strategies. Instagram helps you to build more friendly relations and to create an online presence by uploading posts, stories, IGTV videos, and even ads. With a seventh of the entire world’s population now using the platform, standing out from the crowd can be tough. Instagram’s switched to an algorithmic feed. Increasing follower count and targeting the right content to the right audience is one of the best ways to get noticed. 

Scheduling your Instagram stories and posts is extremely effective in managing an account (or multiple accounts). Instagram’s inbuilt tools for managing and growing your followers are limited. Here comes in Combin, to enable you to do a better job at audience management. In this text, we’ve gathered information to explain why analyzing your audience and scheduling Instagram posts and stories are important.

What is Combin?

Combin is a project created by working professionals from various fields such as software, marketing, designers, and technical support specialists, working towards one common goal – to provide their clients with the best possible solution for Instagram marketing. They have been doing this for some time now and have a good number of clients who have used their tools and reaped benefits. They are constantly looking to develop new ideas and keep up with the platform so that they can tailor their service to the latest trends. This is very important if you want to provide an efficient solution to Social media marketing (here, Instagram) to your customers, in the world of the Internet and changing trends. This way they help you build an audience organically.

Combin Website Official

Combin provides Instagram marketing and content planning solutions that can help you grow your Instagram account safely and organically. They market your content to those who are interested. Say you love fashion. Combin takes your posts about your fashion or lifestyle and advertises it to fashion bloggers or designers on the internet. Thus, getting them to discover your feed and ergo, following and engaging with you. Automation tools like Combin are a great way to help you with likes, comments, followers, and content curation. You can use this tool to get genuine followers, likes, and comments. Combin can make it easier for you to find influencers and new followers and communicate with them They also have a post-Automator that might come in handy if you’re interested in automating both activities. Not having to manually post can be a BIG time saver for some small business owners.

What Combin Offers

Combin offers free and premium accounts, with many features available across both account types. The current range of tools is focused on growing your followers’ list and fostering relationships with your most loyal followers.

Combin features and functionalities

Combing offers two main solutions – Combin Growth and Combin Scheduler. 


Combin Growth is one of the tools that is provided by Combin to help facilitate Instagram marketing. It’s loaded with a variety of features that can help you better manage your audience. You can find the target audience using this tool and engage them with your product, you can also manage and engage with your followers and find quality followers to interact with and grow your brand or influence.

Targeting audience who might be interested in your brand can get you more followers who can then become part of your loyal community. Some of its offerings are:

Growth and Performance Statistics

This allows you to regularly view the growth of your Instagram account. How many new followers you have gained, who has unfollowed you, how many likes and comments did you receive. You can check these stats daily, weekly, monthly thus providing a lot of flexibility.

Combin Growth Statistical Analysis

Selective Audience Targeting

If you have a lot of followers it is hard to segregate them based on certain criteria that might be useful for you. For example, a product of service for only females of the US region needs to be targeted to the relevant audience. Also, it will allow you to see how much relevant audience you have for that product. Combin Growth allows you to define a target audience based on gender, follower quantity, languages, etc.

Combin Selective Audience Targetting

Advanced Audience Search

This is another great feature of Combin Growth which can enable your account to become more efficient and grow a lot. This allows you to find a target audience and also an audience of your potential competitors by using hashtags, locations, followers, likes, comments, etc. This will ensure that you are reaching out to users who have an interest in similar things that you are propagating.

Machine Learning-based Analytics

Combin Growth uses the latest machine learning technologies to perform various analysis on user accounts to check the quality of followers. This can help eliminate meaningless engagement with parties who are not going to be interested. Thus allowing you to focus your attention on interested parties.

Machine Learning Growth Analysis

Audience Management

This is another great feature of the tool which allows you to detect the users who do not follow you back or have unfollowed you since. You can also keep a track of the accounts that you have unfollowed in the past for certain reasons and thus you can automate not to follow those accounts. You can even export all user lists to an excel file.

Audience Management

Automate redundant actions

Various repetitive actions like comments and all can be bunched up. Instead of engaging with individual accounts, one can engage with multiple accounts at once. Bulk follow, unfollow, like can also be done. You can choose to add up to 15 accounts depending on the option to are opting for while buying the services.

Combin Redundant Action Automation


You can schedule posts

If you want to reach a huge audience on Instagram and keep on posting timely it can get difficult once you start to grow.  Combin is there to help with that as well. You can use their tool – Combin Scheduler to schedule your Posts and Stories and its features are pretty flexible. Scheduling your post for auto publication and creating a beautiful Instagram feed has never been this simple. This tool can help you plan your content efficiently, effectively, and conveniently.

You can schedule your posts or instantly publish your posts. The post will be automatically published on the date you choose, along with the parameters you set for the post. The tool will help you tag locations, hashtags, and other accounts. You can either publish one or two posts or a bunch of posts on one click. Options are endless and so are the opportunities. You don’t have to wait for a reminder to post anymore.

You can also preview what your yet-to-be-published posts would look like together in the calendar section of the app. This allows you to manage posting to Instagram cleverly and to utilize your time for other tasks.

How it Works 

The Combin app — available for Linux, macOS, and Windows — brings together these tools for cross-platform Instagram management. Now, this isn’t an Instagram app — there’s no feed for example — but it will enhance your experience, and help you gain credibility and influence on the photo-sharing network. The app UI is quite simple and minimalist and you should not have any issues with navigating through it.


Pricing can be checked on Combin’s official website. As on the time of writing this article, the following is the pricing for both the flagship products offered by Combin:

Combin Growth

Growth Pricing

Combin Scheduler

Scheduler Pricing

The best part about Combin is the ability to try almost all the features but with limited usage in a Free Starter plan, and we highly recommend doing so. You are free to subscribe to Personal or Business packs if they suit your business, just like they did to ours.

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Is it Safe?

Third-party apps caused a lot of troubles and violated privacy laws. Remember the troubles Facebook faced over the Cambridge Analytica scandal? So it’s essential to think and protect your privacy and safety when trusting a third-party app like Combin. Its Privacy Policy shows that the company operates within the recently implemented European GDPR. This is widely considered some of the strongest consumer-focused data regulations in the world. The app doesn’t use Instagram’s OAuth login, but the company did confirm via email that login details are not stored on third-party servers.

Their 2FA system and password are the only requirement to get an access token and no personal information is shared with anyone. The problem of security only comes into question when the users themselves start using any software without caution. Unlike other Instagram marketing tools that automate all actions a user takes, Combin offers a lot of freedom. But some users’ erratic actions can cause problems with Instagram’s security algorithms. Like if the users decide to spam in the comment sections or use actions with too much intensity and scheduling a lot of actions at once. This can have an adverse effect. Also, ultimately a lot depends on how Instagram decides to change its conditions and algorithms.

Is it Right For You? Here’s Our Verdict

If you are looking to expand your content online, social media marketing is still the best way to do it. Using your Instagram account regularly and actively is perhaps one of the most effective marketing strategies you can use to boost the growth of your business. Before Instagram introduced the algorithmic feed, gaining new followers, and interacting with other users was a much more straightforward affair. These days, your content and profile may end up hidden from potential followers with no recourse. For that, scheduling your content and targeting the right audience are essential steps to take. 

Combin’s Instagram tools help you overcome this setback. This means reaching out to potential new followers rather than waiting for Instagram to recommend your account to them. Where similar tools fail though is by falling foul of Instagram’s spam detection. Combin’s action limits aim to protect your account and build your brand without violating Instagram terms and conditions. They still help you interact with as many people as possible. So, taking the help of services and tools which can help you promote your content can be a great help, and chances are your competitors are also using it. Just don’t go overboard with it and try using it as it’s meant to be.

With a range of new features on the horizon to supplement their existing tools, Combin looks set to become a go-to Instagram management app. So, why not head over to Combin and give it a try. Try out their free plan and if you like it sign up for a personal or business account.

The contents and opinions expressed are the sole views of the author, who maintains editorial independence, even if a post is sponsored.


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