Nokia 7 Plus Users on Android P Receiving an OTA, Downgrades to Oreo

Nokia ever since its return has been top notch with providing upgrades. That is great for the most part but until recently Nokia has been facing a lot of problems with updates. The last update on Nokia 6.1 had Wi-Fi problems after the May Security patch. Now the Nokia 7 Plus users who installed Android P beta are facing another issue. The latest upgrade on the Nokia 7 Plus running on Android P beta actually downgrades the device to Android Oreo.

Nokia 7 Plus
Nokia 7 Plus

As of now, everything is going badly for users who have downloaded and installed the new update. The update which weighs in around 1.3 GB is actually a downgrade package. After the update devices have started crashing apps as their data is meant to be run on Android P but they are running Oreo. The rollback package to Android P also fails. This is due to the fact that the build number after the update is newer than that of the Android P package. All in all, it is a complete chaos for Nokia 7 Plus users on Android P. However, running the Android P beta already comes with a warning that it is meant for developers only. These type of issues are however not common but there is no going back now.

A factory reset can still be done to return back to Oreo 8.1 but it comes at a cost of user and app data. The best option is to wait for Nokia to issue a proper fix to the situation. This update really raises questions on how Nokia is issuing updates without proper testing. This could also be an issue as the Android P is not yet on the stable channel. Development and improvements are still being done to make it a stable android version. Well, the reason would only be clear after Nokia releases a statement on what caused all this to happen. Till then, we advise you to not download the latest update on your Nokia 7 Plus if you are running the Android P beta.


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