Microsoft Confirms Windows 10 Record at 800 Million+ Devices 

Microsoft which has been ruling over such long years in the world of Information Technology has recently declared a piece of great news about Windows 10. 7th March was the day when the officials of Microsoft revealed that presently Windows 10 is on the position; where it has installed active devices more than 800 million in number. As of the last fall, it was declared that Windows 10 had 700 million records; which has now increased to 800 million active devices.

A tweet by the Corporate VP, Microsoft

A tweet passed by Mr. Yusuf Mehdi, Corporate Vice President of Modern Life & Devices, Microsoft on 7th March reveals – 

This tweet made a great sensation all over the world.

Microsoft proved the authenticity

Recently it was seen that Windows 10 was not providing regular updates on its software, installations, versions, etc. The reason which has been coming forward is nothing but; Microsoft’s constant monitoring on the calculation of the number of Windows 10 installations in various virtual machines. The last few days ago, the count came up to 700 million. Again further counting was performed by Microsoft itself; And finally, it broke the record, and the number came as 800 million.

The Microsoft officials have given documented records on the fact that in today’s world; almost 70% of the small and big enterprises are using Windows 10. The remaining percentage of the enterprises are still relying on other versions of Windows like Windows 7 or XP.

Yesterday’s sensational update has claimed the highest demand in the market for Windows 10; where it has decided to stop with the provision of free security updates from now onwards. Windows 10 will be active on Smartphones, PCs, HoloLens, tablets, Xbox consoles, and Surface Hub devices. Further confidence of Microsoft has also let them say that it will be only a day or two years when the record will break at 1 billion devices.


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